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  1. SAM Light Spellsword Follower Ethan Hart

    I was firstly drawn to this game by the colorful and various followers, some are cute like dolls and some are really hot yummy hunks. I really love these characters and feel so blessed to have them residented all in my version of Skyrim. As I played long enough and learnt to create my own characters, it's the only way I can imagine to pay back the Skyrim community to present my own followers. It's to my knowledge that my taste is not necessarily appriciated by everyone, but hopefully those who do like my work can have a lot of fun from the efforts I put in, and that's very important to me.
    The reason I put this note here is that something really unreasonable and annoying happened to me last time I published my follower mod here on VectorPlexus Mods. It was taken care of by the manager ( I never expressed my grateness to you, sorry and thank you!) very quickly but for a long time I didn't feel like modding any more. Partially because I never thought haters could be a problem on this very site.
    Anyway, it took me some time to pick up Creation Kit again and this time, all I ever ask is that the haters can shut up and leave me alone.  Stop disguisting me by giving the Hmm.. stickers and so on. My mods may not be to your like but I put a lot of time and efforts on them and I'm confident to say that they are good in quality. 
    Still, feel free to report bugs though. I may or may not be able to help but I'm willing to try.
    That's all.
    File name: ViskySAMLightFollowerEH

     Skyrim and all DLCs  SKSE  HDT Physics Extensions (You probably already have it installed since you're playing with SAM, just list it here in case you have a crash game and don't know why🤭) Follower Location:
    You can find Ethan in Castle Dour, Tower (Solitude). Description:
    Ethan is a spellsword follower, greatly inspired by the  Kreis' Armors of Oblivion #1 - Spellsword 3.0.0 created by our beloved @ kreiste. And to quote him:
    Like the class name suggests, Ethan is an arcane power using warrior, and his character build tries its best to reflect both sides of his perk. As a spellcaster, he conjures powerful flame atronach and lightning runes to burn his foes, or freeze them with frozen ward when they are close in range;  as a deadly swordsman, he wields his enchanted blade to weaken enemies by breaking their defence and reducing their magic resitence, and eventually, kill them with swift stunning strikes.
    Race: Customized Breton Level: PCx1 (20-150) Class: Spellsword Marriageable: Yes Skills: One-hand, Light Armor, Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion, Enchanting, Sneaking, Speech.  
    Stunning Blades (scripted): Strike multi times within a short period of time, dealing much damage and stagger the target if it's near, then teleport Ethan to it at the end of the effect. Summon Flame Atronach: Conjure a flame atronach that casts all kinds of fire damaging spells. Conjure Lightning Rune: Concentrate to create a lightning rune, it will shoot powerful sparks onto Ethan's target. Frozen Ward: Create an ice ward in front of Ethan, slows nearby enemies and deal frost damage to them. Ice Breaking: Shatter the Frozen Ward and release all its power as deadly freezing blast to Ethan's target, blow them away and deal much frost damage.  Fireball (staff): Ethan has a fireball staff and will use it in long range fight and in melee. Fragmentation (enchantment): Ethan enchants his blade, with each strike, the target's armor defence and magic resistence are reduced by 100 points.  Invisibility: Ethan casts invisibility on himself and tries to restore health when seriously injured. Notes:
    Ethan's armors and weapons are from other mods, I have the authors' permissions to use their assets, but the items in game are not obtainable by player for protecting the authors' rights purpose. Ethan's armor lacks some parts and it's on purpose. To have the whole pack, you need to download the original mod Kreis' Armors of Oblivion #1 - Spellsword 3.0.0 . For Dynamic Animation Replacer users, I have put the folder on its right path so you can easily customize Ethan's animation pack to your flavor. No SE version for now since I only play Skyrim once for a while, and it seems to be unworthy to spend all the time upgrading it.  Ethan is quite OP I would say because he's especially designed to protect those who are not mastery of the game like my self. There are some twisted parts and clippings on the body during certain animations like attacks, I don't know what mod I need to install to prevent that but I'm sure it won't be a problem for you guys as you have what I don't (I don't play with Sexlab or HDT breasts and butts, I'm thinking it's definitely something from those mods that I missed).  Credits:
    SAM Light 1.3 by @KouLeifoh SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1 by @KouLeifoh Special thanks to @ kreistefor generously allowing me to use his Kreis' Armors of Oblivion #1 - Spellsword 3.0.0 as Ethan's default armor. Thank you kreis!🥰 Modern Sword (five colors) by @Inav  Arcanum - A New Age of Magic by @Kosorsomesaykosm elysees LE by @elysees Fulcimentum - More Staves and Wands of Skyrim by @tak_oz KS Hairdos - Renewal by @Kalilies and @Stealthic Brows by @Hvergelmir The Eyes Of Beauty by @Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam


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  2. Alyosha Follower

    Alyosha is a young bartender in Windpeark Inn, Dawnstar. 
    Apparently, he has a Slavic and boyish look.
    Presented to those who find it hot, with honor!
    Special Thanks:
    Alyosha uses SAM Light and its texture add-on ver1.1 both created by KouLeifoh. Great thanks @KouLeifoh , those are amazing jobs you've done there.
    And Vector for SAM, of course!
    1/ You can still have Alyosha even if you don't have SAM Light. But take care, as some SAM revealing armors don't support SAM Light, your game might crash when you give one of those armors to him.
    2/ I used to design Alyosha as a mercenary who joins you at the price of 500 septims, but then I realized I couldn't make it work well with multi-follower system. So now he follows free again. Treat him well!
    Follower Info:
    Name: Alyosha
    race:    Nord
    class: spellsword
    marriageable: yes
    KS Hairdos - Renewal


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  3. Visky Followers In A Castle

    This is my long-ago-created mod of a bunch of SAM followers in a castle. This used to be on Nexusmods until recently I was aware of that it's not supposed to (thank u @Darnexx), so I hided the file and re-uploaded it here, hoping someone could have some fun with it.
    * The follower race playable bug fixed.
    Open your map and search for "Snowmoon Woods", you can fast travel there with no need to discover it first.
    Once you get there, head further into the snow mountains. If you see a house standing in front of you and a mage guarding it, then you're good.
    Thank you Vector for creating SAM, the other credits go to:
    ECE by ECE Team
    ECEE - RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer by RAN46
    RaceMenu by expired6978
    NPC Nif Merge by Turulo
    Pretty Face by tktk
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32
    Kijiko Hair by Goldiock
    ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
    Ks Hairdo
    Brows by Hvergelmir
    FK Eyes by [email protected]
    Mikan Eyes by nerune
    Sword Dance and Quick Step by Flippetized


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