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  1. i did not use the 3rd method because i'm confused on how to do it with vortex, and yes it was the save 😅 but i could've sworn fallout saves on exit😕 . anyway thanks 😄
  2. Hi @Ulfberth , i'm happy to report that the work around worked i used the 1st method and the 2nd but for some reason every time i load the game i have to reuse method 2. (please edit your answer as you have forgotten "2" in "Core46 - Main.BA2" 😋i was stuck in that for quite a while 😅) as for my first question i meant that i have AWKCR and NOT VIS-G so i don't need the patch right ?😕 well thanks for the help and your great work, peace!
    Nice refit thanks🥰 but is it necessary to have VIS-G to use AWKCR ? !! C.O.A.T.S framework is broken all vanilla categories disappear in all workbenches !! (tried your suggestion in nexus comments and the one below your comment) so i removed it and now i can't craft underwear 😢
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