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  1. It is a crime against mankind 😉 😁
  2. aoki

    XSoldier for WotC

    Sure : ModConfigMenu XSoldier XSoldierLoadingScreens XSoldierOutfitLimiter IT IS caused by XSoldiers
  3. aoki

    XSoldier for WotC

    Hello My Traning Center disappears when XSoldiers are on. Any clue? Best regards
  4. aoki

    XSoldier for WotC

    It was a clean version of WotC & i didn't add any PNG into my game - i use taken in game picture only anyway i can handle few bugs for this view
  5. aoki

    XSoldier for WotC

    After update my gamy crashes when i want to see the my extraordinary posters
  6. aoki

    XSoldier for WotC

    XSoldier for WotC made my day
  7. There is a chance but It is random
  8. aoki


    Excellent work! like always THX
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