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  1. C.O.A.T.S framework has been hidden by the author so is there an alternative for this requirement or can someone please post the file so I can download it and use the clothing refits for this body type.

    1. Ulfberth


      Hello @KSun92 sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully the mod will get back online anytime soon.

      For the time being, you can download the files from here:

      (You want to download the Required - Framework) file

      This update will now make buttons work differently: press E for modify and SPACE to craft instead!

      its advised to load the COATS plugin in the very top of your load order if there's a plugin overriding the human race in your case

      the patches are more to have the layered armor system working so not a hard requirement imo, as long as you load the plugin on the top

    2. KSun92


      Thank You!!!!

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