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  1. BruBearBrown

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    Anything that shows butt should have butt jiggle, yeah x3
  2. BruBearBrown

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    Depends on which ever one you want. If you want jiggle physics with the armor chestpieces still there, install "Skimpy Armor BBB With Chestpiece". If you want the shoulders and chest to be free of armor, install "Skimpy Armor BBB".
  3. BruBearBrown

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    Oh wow! Thanks for that! If you want to, you can also try out the "More Bounce" option. Makes it a bit more noticeable! x3
  4. BruBearBrown

    Masculine men for SAM

    I actually added this manually onto my argonian, hahah
  5. BruBearBrown

    Pec, Butt and Belly Bounce For Skimpy Armors

    Dude, I love it already, don't worry too much <3
  6. Adds HDT BBB bounce to VectorPlexus's "SAM_Optional_Legacy_Skimpy_Armor" using Kouleifoh's "HDT BBB Bounce". I'll add bounce to the "Afendors Dawnguard DLC" and "Afendors Dragonborn DLC" soon enough. You'll need XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended and, of course, SAM along with HDT BBB Bounce For Sam. When it comes to the load order, make sure that XP32 is above SAM. There are two versions of this ~ One with the Elven and Daedric chestpiece and pauldrons still there, and one without them. Also includes mage robes, prisoner clothes and other clothes. Texture used for the skin is "Hard Bodies" and "Daddy Bear" used by Render here on this site too Skimpy Armor BBB.7z Skimpy Armor BBB With Chestpiece.7z
  7. Odd thing to ask, but does it also happen when there are no clothes equipped? Worse comes to worse, you can just do a fresh install. Its annoying, but if you're using something like Nexus Mod Manager it should keep track of all your mods so that you can just reinstall them again. If its still happening on an undressed body, then I can only say that there are mods that are conflicting. Usually multiple texture mods will conflict. Even some "lighting" mods can badly screw up the textures. There might even be something wrong with the .dds shading files on characters.
  8. BruBearBrown

    Need help with armors (NSFW pic)

    I mean a skeleton replacer, something like this http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/?
  9. BruBearBrown

    Need help with armors (NSFW pic)

    The only thing I can think of is that you might need to install a skeleton? Thats the only thing I really see missing. I know its not fully nessacary, but it might sort it out. What mod are you using to have "HDT Physics Extension" installed?
  10. Okay so, its actually based on the erection value of the schlong. For some reason its sets the erection as "on" and what I was seeing is the sort of... "tenting" thing that happens when an erection value is added to the bulge.
  11. In the main SAM file download page theres the "Optional Skimpy Legacy Armor" and the other "DLC" refits, they have the revealing stuff
  12. Whenever I add bounce to the pecs of the character, the bulge starts drooping and pointing towards the floor. Like in the eleven armor and stuff. Does anyone know why?
  13. BruBearBrown

    Editing SAM Malebody Weights

    Usually, clicking on the part you want to change, like how you have the belly selected there, will allow you to "paint" on it. The colour goes from blue to red depending on how strong the "paint" or "effect" is. If you want the belly to stand out less, going to "Spine (Lower)" and holding alt whilst clicking on the belly should lighten it to blue.
  14. Do you have the NPC scaling on for other characters?
  15. BruBearBrown

    Masculine men for SAM

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this. I was trying to find a more defined one but I was having HUGE difficulty with this. Funny thing is, I'd applied the amazoness skin to my male character before but uh... well I'm sure you know how much of a mess this is. Again, thank you so much!