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  1. If you want to delete that part, you need to assgin your redmask_1 to another partition. Here is what i do on Outfitstudio: 1. First, delete 30 Head partition. It's important cause head partiton include neck, so it would make neck part disappear. 2. Add 31,41,42,43,55 partitions. 3. Edit esp on XEdit or CK so it could match your nif.
  2. Check out texture path of Redmaskneck_1. It seems this mesh has missing textures. Or you can just delete it.
  3. I've never used those mods. But as far as i know, SAM HDT body has a Belly node - It would work with mods that using that bone to make belly inflated. But when it comes to male pregnancy (the screencap you posted is about this, right?), It would requires a pregnancy slider. Just like female bodies. SAM Body doesn't have a pregnancy slider. So, you can't have belly like this.
  4. Sorry. I've never had a problem with refitting hdt armors unless i accidentally copy bone weights. Hopefully someone would solve this problem.
    I've never used a sculpting menu in my life but Don's bochu patch made me do it
  5. It doesn't look like this before refitted, right? I don't know much about HDT but as far as i know, there are two ways to edit HDT. Edit xml file or hdt bone weighting. Did you do "Copy Bone Weight" on OutfitStudio?
  6. Well, that's a great news. I don't need to refit other pieces! See permission tab of original mod
  7. I've been trying to refit some amazing bikini armors. Now I have to choose between HDT or Non-HDT
  8. You need to copy nistringextradata from an original armor and paste to your refit nif file in the ShapeData folder.
  9. No way! Your works are better than mine. and i'm lazy as hell so i couldn't finish all armors and clothes like you. 😅
  10. I probably won't do Dragonborn armors. You shouldn't cancel your project! I've been waiting so long lol.
  11. Show forsworn some love. (WIP vanilla replacers)
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