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  1. Odd, I thought you'd have to go in to SAM in order to do it Kou
  2. I used to have jockstraps for SoS, but I eventually switched to SAM, any idea whether or not these will work with SAM? http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/578-sos-jockstraps/
  3. Where'd you get this armor? I used to have it in my original playthrough of Skyrim but now I'm using SAM, not many armors available for it, this was one of my favorite armors.
  4. Yeah man, thank you! You're the best! It was actually kind of fun modding, oh and by the way. I don't exactly adhere to any specific gender, but I physically inhabit a male body.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, and yes it was indeed the wrong skeleton, it had something like 99 bones, where as the skeleton I needed had 115.
  6. GOT IT! Thank you both so much! Jdronk you are damn fine human being! warfreed thank you for putting up with a newb! Love you guys! Love this site! tosses confetti
  7. Looks like I may have taken a step backwards somewhere, I literally have uninstalled everything and am doing it step by step
  8. Yeah, so far my character is showing up invisible and the controls are all whacky, when I loaded my save it looked like this. I have no clue wtf I'm looking at here
  9. Alrighty, still working on it. Here's some screens before I begin installing, but this is how far I got on my own. My FNIS and Load order.
  10. *Looks at Floppy SOS* Whoops...and no I followed the Installation guide as best I could, but no I didn't install that.
  11. The body sliders and morphs indeed work, everything works fine except, no dick, no balls, nothing. I activated the schlong option as shown, and this is a brand spanking new character, even reinstalled the game! Also, I thought I heard something about SOS being incompatible with SAM.
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