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  1. Imagine the Nords destroy the Thamor through the Power of the Thum with the seductive and addictive K-Pop 😜
  2. What is that armor mod? It does not look like the old one released years ago. Looking really good!
  3. Do you prefer sex on the beach or on a carpet in your cozy home?
  4. Onmund has been a fav+ follower for me since I first started playing the game, he has a new face now Looking good right? However, He became a sort of nightmare fuel I wonder what went wrong? I have all the required mods installed. This happens to other followers or overhauls base on COTR Racemenu support as well.
  5. I think some of them were edited in Photoshop or Blender? For example, the Skyrim Toothpaste advertisement XD I don't think I recall we have mods that give the men a male model smile XD
  6. Skyrim the Toothpaste πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
  7. Wow.... you never fail to bring beauty and sexiness to Skyrim Wow!
  8. Finally managed to bring my Sims 4 android Lancelot into Skyrim XDDDDD Let's celebrate with some pics! My fairy PC is feeling like Athena of Saint Seiya with Sun - Sun Prince outfit. ShingleCat did a great job! Werkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!
  9. I wonder what enchantment these carry? XDDDD Oh dear! Love love love it XDDDDDD Truly the whip of Aphrodite! Are they the original Venus Love Me Chain of Sailor Venus?!
  10. I wonder if you guys have started a new playthrough with Kreiste's HIMBO? I started mine and have quite a lot of fun by using it with Phenderix's Project Proteus. I used to make followers with Familiar Faces but it does not support COTR. Fortunately Project Proteus can carry the PC that is Nord DX with COTR presets as a summoned follower Here are Hector ( the older, beared one with Racemenu Preset ) and Bobby ( the younger, clean shaven one with COTR preset ) which are the same Atlantis knight from two different worlds (Wanda and her multiverse of thirst They are characters by me back in school days)
  11. Wow........................ He's really handsome But where is he located?
  12. OMG................... so many options on the pecs and nips!
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