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  1. Lancelot: Rise and shine baby boy! What would you like for breakfast today? Lancelot: Set "A" again? Awwwwwwwww... Lancelot: You know, as a Sims 4 lovebot upgraded to companion, then reformated to be transferred to Skyrim as a battle android, I should not be complaining Lancelot: But sometimes I just wish my fairy try my new recipes Meow........... Time to put on my best Memory from Cats impression XD
  2. When you try to kiss your man but have to keep his pointy armor from cutting his nose or pitching your eyes XD Yikes!
  3. Isn't it the core piece of the 12 Gold Clothes XD Yay~~~!
  4. Bringing the Sims hair to Skyrim is always a welcome Well done!
  5. Who needs Dragonborns when you have the Titans of myths being the guardian deities?
  6. Which hunk should my fairy spend the night with today? The android from my Sims 4 or the blonde spellsword that specialize in water and ice magic (inspired by Iceman from Spidey & His Amazing Friends, my idolization of knights and merman of fairy tales ?)
  7. It's been a long day of vampire hunting, time to release some steam
  8. Just be gentle to my Dragonborn fairy please big man! (fanning myself)
  9. Thank you for the new mod! Since it works for both LE and SE, I assume it also works with Wet Function Redux? Or we no longer need it if we use this new Specular? Thank you
  10. Obviously he has reached the Seventh Sense and will out power the Gold Saints and slay some deities anytime! (Proud fan of Saint Seiya franchise)
  11. Wow! Time to make my hunky followers fight in "angel mode" That's exactly our intention all along Da Da Da ~~~! The superhero nerd in me feels like Palsis is the civilian form, Brinst is the superhero form and Gortan is the Berserker form of a superhero series My fav+ are the first 2 on the left
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