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  1. Oh I'm glad you liked him! Your mods have actually helped me a lot to improve some of my main chubby characters, your meshes look awesome in all races and sizes. Thank you so much for your effort and your work, we need more chubby enthusiasts in the modding community haha 😄
  2. Looks great, it clips a bit in very heavy builds (Samuel above 110) but in general works amazingly, happy to see you're still working on RCB refits
  3. It's required to install the original mod amirite? Just so you can add it into your description to avoid confusions.
  4. They work like a charm, amazing work! Just a question, how possible is to make them fit Somsommi's RCB body mesh?, notoriously the nipples? Or should I just move your mod lower in my priority order in MO2? Thanks in advance.
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