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  1. Anyone knows how to solve this problem please?
  2. Please help me anyone knows how to solve this error? it make creation kit freeze and ctd. Models: BASE meshes\xx_0.nif object SAMRevealing has a Skin Instance that is not dismemberable. Add W array to object max.
  3. Please Help Can't fully download to 100% of this file SAM Light Texture Add-on v1.1.zip
  4. Hope you can upload to google drive link Im having problem downloading it here directly it wont go 100% download 😞
  5. This is a normal map of male body I found at the nexus forum long time ago wish someone can make this into SAM LE please https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2057949-a-new-normal-map-for-male/
  6. Thanks Kouleifoh wish there's already a file for that here to download, sounds very complicated to me to do it.
  7. Love this Top a lot....thanks Ulberth My Companion Jarvis
  8. Hi Den, Im really surprised you're playing Fallout 4 too hehe I stop playing Skyrim for awhile, about this mod is it possible have vault suit that looks very fit like each body contour are clearly emphasized? not revealing one, its like nearly to male skin mesh texture.
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