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  1. urieldover

    The Freeboter - Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Thank you so much Ulfberth....
  2. urieldover

    Wasteland Ranger : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Yes!!!! thanks for this another perfect refit!!!!
  3. urieldover

    Tough Traveller : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Love this a lot!!!!!
  4. urieldover

    Cross 2077 - Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Awesome refit!!!!!!!
  5. urieldover

    (NSFW)Fallout 4: Share your Character's Look!

    Love this Top a lot....thanks Ulberth My Companion Jarvis
  6. urieldover

    TheKite's HandMaiden - Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Another Outstanding Refit.... thank you so much!
  7. urieldover

    Commonwealth Shorts & Vault Girl : Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Thank you so much Ulfberth...
  8. urieldover

    El Men's Underwear - Bodytalk V2 Refit

    WOW another fantastic refit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!
  9. urieldover

    Tough Traveller : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Astoundingly Awesome!!! Thanks Ulfberth
  10. urieldover

    Private Military Company : Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Original Mod Hidden any chance I can still download?
  11. urieldover

    Vault Suit Replacer: Bodytalk V2

    Hi Den, Im really surprised you're playing Fallout 4 too hehe I stop playing Skyrim for awhile, about this mod is it possible have vault suit that looks very fit like each body contour are clearly emphasized? not revealing one, its like nearly to male skin mesh texture.
  12. urieldover

    Dragon Lord Armor Refit

    hope anyone can refit this not to huge SAM built at least Max 30 or SAM 50 please
  13. urieldover

    Looking for thongs?

    Check this out maybe your ok with it ?
  14. urieldover

    Briarheart SAM Conversion

    Wow thats great Thanks heaps!!!