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  1. urieldover

    Rigged Bulge Mesh for The Sims 4 (WickedWhims Required)

    hope you can make this a default replacement bulge
  2. urieldover

    Dragon Lord Armor Refit

    hope anyone can refit this not to huge SAM built at least Max 30 or SAM 50 please
  3. urieldover

    Looking for thongs?

    Check this out maybe your ok with it 🙂
  4. urieldover

    Blueprints - Make Followers From Presets

    Hi can I also edit a current follower in vanilla game by using this?
  5. urieldover

    Taking some refit requests

    @Tavman4 I've seen someone posted about Dizona Centurion outfit 🙂
  6. urieldover

    Taking some refit requests

    HI Guys, Do anyone can find this interesting? hope someone can refit this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64215/?tab=files
  7. urieldover

    Briarheart SAM Conversion

    Wow thats great Thanks heaps!!!
  8. Hopefully someone can make patch body for them for SAM compatibility
  9. urieldover

    [SAM] Protective Underwear Patch

    Thank you so much loving these underwear 🙂 ❤️
  10. urieldover

    Download — Muscular Genital SAM

    Please make an equip version of this Please.
  11. urieldover

    [SAM] Ice Armor HDT

    This is sooo Amazing armor 🙂
  12. urieldover

    Taking some refit requests

    Hi, any forsworn replacer for SAM?
  13. urieldover

    [SAM] Red Assassin Armor

    Yeah it does look great already its up to the modders how will they fit the armor as long it wont make game crash, unlike vanilla skyrim so many things wrong about it people do mods make the game more interesting and more massive gameplay experience.
  14. urieldover

    Taking some refit requests

    Greetings! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/31229 Hope someone can also make these famous Drakul Armor also nice have male refit for Medusa armor as well convert to male hehe just a silly thought about Medusa, may be called Meduso lol🙂
  15. urieldover

    Taking some refit requests

    Thanks Kirax I did tried still hoping I can make it, maybe someday 🙂 I already download the .docx tutorial hehe. Have a good day as well bud. thanks heaps