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  1. Half-transparent sexy bikini
  2. Half-erected bikini armor
  3. Hard Solo https://giant.gfycat.com/TintedWellinformedBagworm.webm
  4. I wanna have a NPC sleep so close to my player but due to SAM genitals collisions this player gradually moves away from the NPC. How can I solve this issue?
  5. Hey, we are friends, huh?
  6. A sucking friends' lifeblood of naughty kid gets punished by his teacher after school
  7. Ragged rope undy and 3D Abs
  8. Half-erected jocky
  9. These files are my under construction ones where I have subdivided original meshes for high poly and they remain two issues of gap and textures so far. If you beneficently support me then I hope you will verify them. Unfortunately I'm now playing on LE not SE but maybe OK on SE. MaleGenitals.tri MaleGenitals_0.nif MaleGenitals_1.nif
  10. Now I'm working to remesh SAMGenitals with subdividing its normal meshes doubly. Because, this normal meshes become a bit jaggy when the meshes get zoomed in, so experience shows that maybe subdividing doubled meshes is acceptable. Do you think it's a good idea? But I get to grips with this subdividing work, two issues as followings. 1. Gap issue between body and genitals After I subdivide meshes, when I install its meshes to game and set a playable actor at Samson100 then gap between SAMbody and SAMgenitals comes out. Of course in case of sliding Samson and Samuel the gap also comes out. Maybe I guess interlocking Pelvis bone in SAMgenitals doesn't work well. But I don't know how to tweak it because simply copying weight couldn't solve this issue. 2. Textures issue I also face an issue about SAMgenitals textures. Unmaching textures beween SAMbody and SAMgenitals comes out even though I branchly copy BSlightingShaderProperty of Block in original SAMgenitals to one in new subdivided SAMgenitals. SAM scripts is supposed to assign correct SAMgenitals textures wirh matching SAMbody ones but I dreamed a dream, I have to copy correct SAMgenitals dds file in order to solve this issue so far. But this texture issue made me pause to present here because I use SAM Unofficial and I was afraid of touching taboo here but I also guess I never get a-one-of-a-kind information relating this issue except here. Does anybody have anything good solutions?
  11. Half-erected chainmale underwear
  12. Thanks for your nice guide and kind support!