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  1. Half-transparent sexy bikini
  2. Half-erected bikini armor
  3. Hard Solo https://giant.gfycat.com/TintedWellinformedBagworm.webm
  4. I wanna have a NPC sleep so close to my player but due to SAM genitals collisions this player gradually moves away from the NPC. How can I solve this issue?
  5. Hey, we are friends, huh?
  6. A sucking friends' lifeblood of naughty kid gets punished by his teacher after school
  7. I upload this Berserk Black Swordman Armor for SAM here though it was just for personal use then please don't expect good quality of it even though you may find some clippings and odd issues. Apparent issue: I add SAMbody meshes to Berserk Arm ones in order to avoid invisible textures between Handwrap of righ hand and right forearm even though textures issue can't be solved perfectly so far. Installation: 1) Install The Black Swordsman Armor V.1.1 from here. 2) Overwrite by the below attached file. Edit on 2017/08/17: Download is suspended. Credit: Berserk Black Swordsman Armor SAM
  8. Ragged rope undy and 3D Abs
  9. Half-erected jocky
  10. These files are my under construction ones where I have subdivided original meshes for high poly and they remain two issues of gap and textures so far. If you beneficently support me then I hope you will verify them. Unfortunately I'm now playing on LE not SE but maybe OK on SE. MaleGenitals.tri MaleGenitals_0.nif MaleGenitals_1.nif
  11. Now I'm working to remesh SAMGenitals with subdividing its normal meshes doubly. Because, this normal meshes become a bit jaggy when the meshes get zoomed in, so experience shows that maybe subdividing doubled meshes is acceptable. Do you think it's a good idea? But I get to grips with this subdividing work, two issues as followings. 1. Gap issue between body and genitals After I subdivide meshes, when I install its meshes to game and set a playable actor at Samson100 then gap between SAMbody and SAMgenitals comes out. Of course in case of sliding Samson and Samuel the gap also comes out. Maybe I guess interlocking Pelvis bone in SAMgenitals doesn't work well. But I don't know how to tweak it because simply copying weight couldn't solve this issue. 2. Textures issue I also face an issue about SAMgenitals textures. Unmaching textures beween SAMbody and SAMgenitals comes out even though I branchly copy BSlightingShaderProperty of Block in original SAMgenitals to one in new subdivided SAMgenitals. SAM scripts is supposed to assign correct SAMgenitals textures wirh matching SAMbody ones but I dreamed a dream, I have to copy correct SAMgenitals dds file in order to solve this issue so far. But this texture issue made me pause to present here because I use SAM Unofficial and I was afraid of touching taboo here but I also guess I never get a-one-of-a-kind information relating this issue except here. Does anybody have anything good solutions?
  12. Half-erected chainmale underwear
  13. Thanks for your nice guide and kind support!
  14. I simply refitted Tera Castanic Hunter Cuirass, Boots, and Gloves. Installation: 1) Install "Tera Armors - Main File with Fix 1.91" from here. 2) Overwrite 1)'s files with my mod attached below. Credit: TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female by asianboy345 SOS - Tera Male Armor Conversion for SOS by DarkSchneiderBS TeraCastanic_f_h02 Revealing Armor for SAM.7z
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is a patch of refitting Furb's armors for SAM. Following armors are supported by the patch. Light Daedric Bikini Light Daedric Boots Light Daedric Cuisse L Light Daedric Cuisse R Light Daedric Gauntlets Light Daedric Pauldron LR Light Glass Belt Light Glass Boots Light Glass Boots (Cuisse) Light Glass Gauntlets Light Glass Gorgets (Paunldrons) Light Glass String Bikini RM Elven Belt RM Elven Belt and Cuisse RM Elven Bikini RM Elven Boots (Socks) RM Elven Gorget RM Elven Gorget (Pauldrons LR) RM Elven String Bikini RM Elven Trunks RM Elven Pauldron RL and Thalmor Cape Requirements: 1. Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One v.1.1 (Old Version, Not the latest) and its requirements https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86777?tab=files 2. SOS https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/498-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/ Original Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One requires Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm as a parent mod. I recommend to install only this esm as a dummy if you don't want to install SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim fully. 3. HDT BBB Bounce for SAM https://www.vectorplexus.com/index.php?/files/file/19-hdt-bbb-bounce-for-sam/ Bikinis and trunks have compatible with HDT BBB Bounce for SAM. Cautions: I have adjusted these armors for Samson100% then in case of others of Samson or Samuel some clippings or gaps may be caused between body and armors. And about bulges of bikinis and trunks I make these slightly larger than original mod just for my personal taste. Credit: RefurbMadness Furb's - One-Stop SoS Armor Shop Thanks for your kind supports!
  16. I glance it but it's difficult for me to refit it for sam because this genitals is half-erected and furthermore it gets curved in the armor. so if I adjust genitals to armor, genitals becomes smaller than what we desire, and the other if I adjust armor to genitals, armor gets deformed grotesquely. Does anybody have good idea?
  17. There is no partition in NISkinInstance in a nif so I wanna convert the nif from NiSkinInstance to BSDismemberSkinInstance. I could get BSDismemberSkinInstance on converting on NifSkope but now this BSDismemberSkinInstance has a emptied patition. So I googled and got a way to solve this issue with using Outfit Studio. But my current Outfit Studio may have no function about it. Would you tell me a tip?
  18. Thanks! I need a touch to make it.
  19. I now upload Gannicus Module Armor for SAM here. This refitting mod is my first mod and I tweaked refitting the original Gannicus Module Armor with only Bodyslide/Outfit Studio then please overlook shortcomings of its quality. I refitted Crixus Cod Piece, Gannicus Armed Bracelets, Gannicus Boots, Gannicus Leggins, and Gannicus Pauldrons. So, the crixus cod piece is combined with Gannicus Arena Belt and Gannicus Subligaria. And, values of armor rating of these outfits are a bit increased. And, I tweaked these outfits on Samson 100% then they don't have compatibility with other sliders about an issue of clippings. For your reference, original mod is located in original Gannicus Modular Armor. I take this opportunity to thank for the original mod author, Hoamaii, of permission and kind support for me. Installation: Download this mod and install it into your game. Not need the above original mod. And, I prepared one additional option for some taste users such as me that bulge of Crixus Cod Piece is slightly bulked up. If you like it then please overwrite by it. Caution: Gannicus Armed Bracelets can't be displayed on 1st person view so far. Gannicus Module Armor for SAM.7z Crixus Cod Piece Large for SAM.7z