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  1. Kedorlao

    Xsoldier abandoned?

    Yeah, can't fault the man for giving up on what was essentially a hobby. He did some incredible work and I really appreciate the mods that he made but no one should get what he did considering it was all done on his free time. I would have done the same if I were in his position too. There's a real problem with entitlement and hostility in online communities. I think, to add insult to injury, there was some issue with other modders stealing his work and not crediting him. So when you have fans yelling at you and fellow modders stealing your code, it kind of takes any shine off putting in all that blood, sweat and time. He's talented though. I hope he hasn't abandoned programming altogether because that would be a real shame.
  2. Kedorlao

    XSoldier WOTC Update

    Oh, awesome that this is done! Guess it's about time to try another Xcom campaign. I'm excited to see what I can cook up in the photo studio with this.
  3. Kedorlao

    XSoldier Screenshots

    That's the tier 3 armour customization included in the mod. Vectorplexus has different options for each armour upgrade. The Warden armour happens to be particularly reinforced compared to the others. Cig's pictures above show Predator armour (the hatted soldier in picture 2 and 3). I think the fourth picture is the resistance armour.
  4. Kedorlao

    XSoldier WOTC Update

    Ah I'll have to check that outfit limiter. I think I missed it somehow. Can't wait for it to be finished. Your work is superb.
  5. Kedorlao

    XSoldier WOTC Update

    Excited to hear that this will be updated as well. Vector posted a picture of Bradford on his twitter that makes me hopeful he'll also be updating it for Anarchy's Children dlc too. Would love to be able to use the short shorts without having disembodied heads. If not, I'll still use it regardless. Such a fun mod.