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  1. Don't worry Khlas, we already talk a little bit about the limitation of the chair on patreon and I totally understand that it is not going to be easy to do. Let's say that this is a good idea, but requires a lot of time to be executed. But, I am so happy with your work, so keep going like that!!!.
  2. Hi, I think one thing you could do is creating some group animation using this lovely chair: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5277-lovebelow-loveties-collection-loveswing/ Would be great and usefill for some machinimas.
  3. How do you adjust the neck to be not to long?... I have made several changes on some NPC, the body looks great, but the neck is kind weird because is slim and long... (Did you noticed that I am kinda dumb with this things right?)
  4. Hi, thanks for answer my question. Actually my NPC and Character has Samuel value lower than 0. So, in the case I want a chubby sexy follower I can download your mod and use racemenu to modify the shape of my follower, right?
  5. Just a question (I am kinda dump with textures, meshes, maps, etc). I already have my game running with SAM Light and my character is a muscle guy. But, I would like to make one of my follower a sexy chubby boy. How does it works?. I install this mod, put them below Sam Light, etc and it will have effects on my game when I choose Samson or Samuel to 100?, my concern is when I have this installed my current characters will be all chubbies, and I just want just a specific character like that. Any suggestion?
  6. Hi, I would like to share some of the things I have been using in the last year. 1. Look for body presets, they will give you more body options to play with (I specially use Azog, Dorian or Dagot from Dumbaby some of them are not public yet, only patreon). 2. Combine the body preset withI sliders such as a good butt slider (I use one from Gzckrg Download Here). 3. For a better appeareance, I use a skin detail from Davino that let you have bubble buts, flats, etc (Download Here) There are amazing content creators for the sims and every day they publish amazing things in the different portals (for hot stuff you must go to loverslab). Hope it helps.
  7. Hello Guys, I want to know if someone here knows how to fix this errors with CBP: I have checked the CBP For Fallout 0.18 and ZaZ-Extended Skeleton 2.0. and Atomic Muscle 2.5.2
  8. I download the BT Skeleton, but for some reason my NPC and characters got blackk faces (maybe it was a conflic with other mod) but I end up removing it. Last test I did with the companion (the one with the Vault 111 bodysuit) I use AAF Sex'em Up to undress him and it was fine. Also I use the same mod to trigeer the animations.
  9. Hey Ulfberth, Sorry, I took the loadorder instead of modlist from MO2. I got the right one now, the only thing that the mods are ordered in reverse. Also, I use separators so I've added some lines to make the review a little bit more easier. Thanks Josh Modlist.txt
  10. Hi Ulfberth, Sorry, I saw you message quite late last night and today I was quite busy at the job. Here is my loadorder export from MO2. Please, let me know if you need something else. Regards, Josh loadorder.txt
  11. Hi Ulfberth, It seems that the nif and tri are provided by "3D Pubic hair for Atomic Muscle" Hope it helps... Thanks!
  12. Hi Ulfberth, I am using Mod Organizer 2.0.. First test I did with my companion (I've applied a LooksMenu Preset created in an old save using Atomic Muscle sliders) The slides in LooksMenu seems to be working. So, proceed with an animation and nothing changed.... (staring with him stripped or dressed, the body didn't change).... WEIRD 😞 Second Test: I move to diamond city and talk to Vadim. If you look, the dressed body looks bulky... like atomic muscle. So I moved to animation, and now I can reproduce the issue: Now, his body is not bulky anumore, and look at the hand... is like the slider values are gone and he goes back to vanilla proportions. When the animations ends, everything is restored. It also happen with settlers, residents and other NPC. Thanks for any hep you could provide me. Regards, Josh
  13. Hi Guys, I need some help, because I have made a mistake with my bodies in the game. I will try to explain the situation. 1. I started a new save with Nora as the player character, so I decided to use bodyslide to her a hot body. 2. In body slide I choose a preset and the I used the batch build option to apply to all vanilla outfits. 3 .The results, well, muy character has a good body and the female NPC as weel. 4. Male NPC all has Atomic muscle body (so far so good) everything is ok. But.. 5. If I try to use an animation with AAF, the body of the male character change to the vanilla body (no erection) and the atomic muscle body go back when they redress with the standard clothing. I am pretty sure my error was in the bodyslide... does anyone knoes how to fix something like this?... there is a way to revert the bodyslide change....??? Regards, Josh
  14. Hi Guys, I need your help because I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong with my mod installation. I've followed the mod installation order, also added the requirements but something is not working at all, and I need some clarifications. 1. Victoriam Line requirements in nexus mods said that I need Enhanced Vanilla Body and BodyTalk (In this section someone said that they are not necessary) , What should I do? 2. If I download clothing (from this forum), in which order I have to place them?.... before, after Atomic? 3. If I want to install face textures (the one in the game are horrible) where do I place them? 4. The characters in LooksMenu will be wearing regular clothes or naked?.. How do I know Atomic is working? 5. Everytime I tried to use "Clothing" option in LooksMenu.. the game crashes... Someone experienced the same?, Do you know how to prevent the issue? I would like to let my character use the clothing shared in this website. Thanks!
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