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  1. You forgot to include the textures and meshes in the new update.?
  2. mgbenz

    (NSFW) SavrenX's Jockstraps : BodyTalk V2 Reworked

    Turns out I needed to have the actual Cloth material in my inventory. It can't detect junk that contain cloth materials. I had to scrap them into cloth first. Annoying bug but problem fixed. Keep up the good work!?
  3. mgbenz

    (NSFW) SavrenX's Jockstraps : BodyTalk V2 Reworked

    For some reason I can't craft the jockstraps in the chemlab. It's not detecting the cloth material even though I have many of them.
  4. mgbenz

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    I have the latest versions of the game, HDT-SMP, High-Poly Conversion and XPMSSE. I load HDT BBB after all three mods but the game crashes the moment I unequip my armor. If I use the provided skeleton instead it doesn't crash but there's no bounce whatsoever. Tried without High-Poly Conversion and still doesn't work. I really don't know what's wrong here.
  5. mgbenz

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Where did you get the sweaty specular skin?