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  1. No it's loaded after the original mod too. Oh btw a correction, crafting using the GS Outfits menu in the Chem Lab doesn't actually work. I just noticed it uses GS outfit's default body skeleton not Atomic Muscle.
  2. Yeah like I said I have all requirements installed (that includes COATS). All the other mods you made are working and don't have this problem. It's just this mod that's not appearing on the armor crafting table. Btw if I craft using the GS Outfits menu from the chem lab the outfits are working as intended except the body texture uses GS Outfits's default body texture instead of my own.
  3. For some reason the outfit isn't showing up on the armor bench crafting menu nor the chem lab (just the normal menu GS Outfit provides). I have the all the required files installed. It's the only mod you have that I'm having this problem with.
  4. A modding community can't really be called a community if the community itself doesn't share with and help each other. The sooner the Bethesda modding community grows up over it's ownership and permissions the sooner these stupid dramas will stop. This is the only community I've seen in this day and age of the internet that still has this level of drama over it.
  5. I have the latest versions of the game, HDT-SMP, High-Poly Conversion and XPMSSE. I load HDT BBB after all three mods but the game crashes the moment I unequip my armor. If I use the provided skeleton instead it doesn't crash but there's no bounce whatsoever. Tried without High-Poly Conversion and still doesn't work. I really don't know what's wrong here.
  6. Where did you get the sweaty specular skin?
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