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  1. eric78

    High Poly Head

    Thank you so much ! Great mod The male character on the screenshots is gorgeous. But I can't find his brows and his hair anywhere. Which mods are you using ?
  2. eric78

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    I had the same issue : it comes from the latest SKSE & Skyrim update. You have to update the schlong dll. It can be found at loverslab
  3. eric78


    Ok I dowloaded the latest file and now there is no positioning problem with secondary weapon. Also there is no game crash when using the ranger's slash ability. Thx Vector. I finished the game ... I will start all over again when Bradford and Chris Redfield become available
  4. eric78

    XSoldier Compatibility

    Ok I'm going to check that and I let you know. I never had Bradford face or Thygan's available with XSoldier - only Bradford's haircut (+Chris Redfield+Dustin face ofc). BTW I always played XCOM with XSoldier and when I disabled the mod, the soldiers faces available were not the same (some more, or the race/face association changed). Maybe the Firaxis updates/DLC messed with the heads ref ? (I only have Alien Hunter DLC)
  5. eric78

    XSoldier Compatibility

    I have an incompatibility with the mod "Not so super solier". This is a mod that allows to use various head meshes dedicated to NPC (bradford, Thygan, ...). The name of these faces are displayed in the soldier customization screen, but everytime I select these, the game crashes. (without Xsoldier, everything works). Any idea ?
  6. eric78


    I also have the ranger sword/axe foating everywhere issue. Also, in the soldier display screen the secondary weapon (grenade launcher, or sword) is moving forward, inch by inch, everytime I change a soldier asset. And more annoying, there's a 10% chance the games crashes while in mission when the ranger uses its sword.