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  1. Was just curious if anyone was interested in making a patch or something for the vulpine and/or Lupine races on the Nexus? Don't take this as a "hey, modders, make this thing for me"; I was just sorta curious if anyone had any interest in doing it, or if this post might get someone interested?
  2. This is NOT what I was expecting when I popped on here XD
  3. datpenguin


    No, I mean, what mod is it?
  4. datpenguin


    What's that...helmet?
  5. Ooh, that's lovely! I'll have to try those settings next time I play!
  6. I have no idea how else to word this, BUT, I was curious about what settings for the sliders others like to use, and what are some "presets", if you will, that people have found that look good? But yeah, let's share!..I don't have any yet myself, hehe.
  7. I'm just using the HD textures from SAM, hehe. And yeah, that would work, thank you!
  8. So, I'm trying to get SAM and Furry Age of Skyrim (does what it sounds like it does) to work, but it seems like, no matter which one of those mods are loaded first or second, SAM applies the human skins to all of the races. As for the missing dicks, I can only assume it's from the race things that it's using. Help?
  9. datpenguin

    Dation's Attempts at Making a Sexy

    I'm pretty new to SAM, and I'm still trying to get proportions right, but I figured "Hell, why not?" and thought I should post these here. Hope ya enjoy!
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