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  1. It's creatures of Skyrim Bruma
  2. Mon personnage Arko, avec une nouvelle peau par Ulfberth
  3. Etan

    Inner Collection

    Hello First of all I must tell you that you did a great job. After testing your mod, here are the problems I encounter: - A glitch makes the skin of the character visible through clothing when there are rebounds. - Can not equip the armor on my argonian follower (I did not test on another race) Otherwise no problems. ~Etan.
  4. Two minotaur and the Orc Gul'Rosh
  5. Etan

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Hello. I have a question about the use of bodygen: If BODYGEN is activated at the same time as the SAM mod (and not SAM LIGHT), can this create a conflict? Thank you for your hard work !
  6. Etan

    Skyrim and Win10

    I fixed my problem by playing skyrim in window mode without border.
  7. The haircut of your character gives it a lot of virility What is this haircut?
  8. The colors are not the same as your previous pictures. Did you change ENB?
  9. In RaceMenu mod you have an option to export the head you created. I guess that's how he have changed the face in 3DS MAx
  10. My comments will not solve anything but here is what I have to say about Nexus: It is a site filled with homophobe! If you want to know the preferences of this site and the reasons that push a large majority of people to go on this site, you will quickly find the answer on this image. The moderators of this site are neither impartial nor fair. They will act for the sake of the majority. If something disturbs, they will delete it without notice and without even respecting their own TOS.
  11. The SAM patch for Moonlight Tales is only valid for Moonlight Tales Essential it seems to me. On my side I do not have any problem with Moonlight tales. I install SAM over and overwrite Moonlight Tales files when by those of SAM when asked.
  12. Etan

    SAM & SOS together?

    Personally, I use SOS over SAM for the variety of SCHLONG that can be set for each race of the game. To reduce the visibility of the gaps between SOS SCHLONG and SAM's body, it is necessary to increase the corpulence of the character ... Or to work the meshes, but it is beyond my capacities.
  13. The haircut makes your orc really awesome. Looks like an orc from the movie Warcraft!
  14. Hello Can you tell me what is this helmet on your character ?
  15. *Growl* Orc VS Werewolf Werewolf Pose The true face of a demon Bad Ritual
  16. It had been a long time since I had not published an image of my character Orc Orik. Here is a small work to realize on the basis of Sam's body with some body modifications made with Racemenu, Fitzi texture and Photoshop.
  17. Etan

    SAM Vampire Lord Armor

    Hello. thank you for sharing your work In your description you say that armor supports Samson 50 (up to 75) but does this mod work with Samuel? Thank you in advance for your answer
  18. You must install HDT Physics Extensions I think it would be useful to add it in the prerequisites to run SAM.
  19. Etan

    Penis disappear For only Human races

    Hello. With the console, select your character and type "unequipall". Back up and load the newly created backup. If this does not work, you have a conflict with a mod that uses slot 52 as a priority. Did you try to create a new part to find out if the problem is not from a redundant script?
  20. Too many mods that can make your backup file very cumbersome to load maybe
  21. Etan

    SAM & SOS together?

    What I can tell you is that sam and sos can work together provided you do not overwrite the assets of SAM when installing SOS. However the meshes of the schlongs have not been adapted for SAM. The only problem I encounter which is undoubtedly related to a papyrus overload, is the disappearance of the schlong. I was forced to restart my game.
  22. Etan

    Adult Accessories for SAM

    Thanks for sharing. Did you not publish a 1.2 version of your mod?
  23. Etan

    SAM - El Men's Underwear

    Thank you
  24. Missing textures ? insufficient memory ?
  25. Etan

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    Unfortunately I can not help you any more. For the TSUN armor, it works for me. For other armor I do not know because I did not test.