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Aico the terrible at mods

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  1. Im using Legendary Edition and No im not using SoS mostly of my mods are made for sam. I just found out that the penis gap never occurred on the default size of the penis and whenever I try to make it bigger(penis) the gap seems to become visible by every adjustment on the larger scale.
  2. (I just found my screenshots in my documents folder but the pics are weird but those are not my main concern rn) Yes and it always looks like this:
  3. I have been using sam body for almost a month and I have just encounter this gap on the pelvic part(I really do wish I have some screenshots but I can't seem to find my screenshot folder). Idk what cause this so im hoping some of you will help me because im still new at this game and modding 🙂 (Omg im so sorry for my Grammar lmao)
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