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  1. Or you could bulk up enough for some natural warmth.
  2. When one visits Bleak Falls Barrow it is important to dress warmly.
  3. Ah, Greetings traveler! Please join me; the water's lovely!
  4. Hey kid. See something you like?
  5. Quite the big fella isn't he?
  6. Do'jhan would like to battle!
  7. Decided to spruce up my shark guy a little.
  8. Introducing Keer-Na and Tang-Na, a couple of retired Argonian warriors who have clearly not seen any combat in awhile!
  9. What did you use to change the keywords?
  10. Technically, yes. I had to enable both SOS and SAM in order for it to work. Even then, only the Samson value seems to have any effect.
  11. Phirin the Selachii
  12. Had to fudge around a bit for this to work, but here's my Fennec character, Teris:
  13. Alexius' twin brother, Argyle: