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  1. I can also use it with normal (full) SAM ??
  2. A beautiful mod ? - but the basement is left is a door that you can not open wide. Only a gap where I can not go through. I would like to know what is behind it. ... look sad ?
  3. Thanks, but it does not work. I've already tried all the options in SexLab
  4. I have a problem with armor and playermodel Amors. If I set the Sexlab he should not be pulled out, then he has no penis Since I use SAM, I do not want to install SOS either. Does anyone know how to get a penis with amor / playermodel ?
  5. Yes, exactly, ingame would like to change the look of existing followers (Mods), with racemenu presets Thanks @brassknuckles, but is a very large mod with JContainers support, could be heavy and prone to error to script ...
  6. Hello, i would like SAM presets, preferably from Ixum's to invite a companion Mod, there is a mod to the Racemenü ? Can not find anything there
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