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  1. Whyyyyy was this so hard to find. I've been going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong in following the SAM installation guide, because I was experiencing problems with slits in the wrists and hands. Thank you for posting this fix KouLeifoh. (yes I know I'm replying to an old post but I'm thankful nonetheless)
  2. Yeah, I did try using it with RaceMenu 3.3.3, then 3.2.2. Then without XPMSE, and without HDT. Was hoping I could get the slider mod to work so I wouldn't have to go through all the menus and stuff in MCM. Poop
  3. Howdy. New here, but been modding Skyrim for a while. I've started a new playthrough using SAM. I'm also trying to use the SAM sliders in RaceMenu mod to more easily adjust the morph settings for Samson and Samuel, but it isn't working correctly. With the mod installed, the "SAM morphs" category appears in showracemenu, as well as all the sliders, but only the Samson and Samuel sliders function. None of the other sliders under this category work, such as the height, schlong, and sliders for adjusting specific morph settings (e.g. Samson - Upper arms, Samuel - Waist, etc.). The morph settings in the MCM menu work okay though. I am using, in the following order: STEP core+extended RaceMenu 3.4.5 SAM (latest version) HDT physics extension (to make the latest version of RaceMenu work) XPMSE SAM RaceMenu slider v0.4 Any ideas?
  4. Thank you so much for the work you do Vector. I remember lurking and watching you develop SoS years ago, and being so excited that one of us gay fellas out there was making Skyrim mods for us to enjoy .u.
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