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  1. I'm loving the textures here! Are you sure we cannot just simply rename the files and combine these files into one?
  2. Tavman4

    I want this armor mod

    I believe it's the barbarian armour mod from this thread.
  3. Tavman4

    Gladiator Armor Concept

    You can smith it or add it via the console
  4. Does anyone know of an armour set that is available for SAM that includes shiny bracers (in that it's either gold or silver coloured or even a mix of both) that only cover half of the forearm and a pair of matching boots (but not necessarily covering the knees)?
  5. Tavman4

    Looking for thongs?

    "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."
  6. Tavman4

    Looking for thongs?

    Another couple
  7. Tavman4

    Looking for thongs?

    The loincloths link doesn't work.
  8. Tavman4

    Looking for thongs?

    For SOS: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1169-exposed-armors-armored-bikinis-for-sos/ For SAM: I believe it was floating around here until it got taken down. There is also this.
  9. No problems. For now I will use the glove files from the other K-9 mod as a temporary fix.
  10. Awesome mod! However I am getting just one issue. It appears I am getting a seam on the right arm
  11. Tavman4

    [SAM] RUMP Patch

    Ok that fixed it, but now it's taken a hit on my fps.
  12. Tavman4

    [SAM] RUMP Patch

    There is only one version of RUMP available from the original site.
  13. Tavman4

    [SAM] RUMP Patch

    Not sure if it's the main mod file but it appears I get the glitchy underwear texture when attempting to go naked. Is there a setting that needs to be changed and/or a file that must be removed?
  14. That's already downloadable.
  15. Someone was looking for something similar but without the coloured clothing