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  1. He actually looks hunky, but in a youthful sort of way.
  2. This reminds me of the hostility RefurbMadness faced when she released male mods. The way people treated her is just completely inexcusable. I initially thought that male mods were simply rare but reading people's stories puts a whole new light on why they are not available.
  3. He sounds like the perfect monk for the monastery of Red, if one such exists?
  4. Thanks for the Spriggans and Atronach.
  5. Tavman4

    Skyrim CTD

    Check the install guide thread. There are pictures there showing how the load order should look. Also have to agree with Darnexx here. You should have either SAM or SOS installed, not both.
  6. Really digging those abs. Any way those textures can be downloadable?
  7. Tavman4

    How to make follower buff?

    Prid <refid> setnpcweight <#>
  8. Tavman4

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    Just a quick question, does anyone know of a muscle texture mod like Simple Male Redux but can be used properly with the Nude SHB body?
  9. Tavman4

    S.A.M. Body Slider "Setups"

    I only use Samuel sliders for NPCs. As for the player character it's somewhere between 50/0 and 100/0 for the Samson/Samuel settings. I like to play a rather lean character with decent sized muscles but I really hate the waist settings in Racemenu as they take away from the sides a bit too much.
  10. Tavman4

    How to make follower buff?

    Two questions. What do you mean by save? Do you mean to say that when you adjust the values, nothing happens? Also are you using a follower replacement mod?
  11. Looks awesome! can't wait to try it out!
  12. So just to confirm only SOS Light is needed or do you just drag the esm file?
  13. Tavman4

    Some problems with SAM

    Not all sliders will work because some are for females only. You need to test which ones work. Make sure the load (and install) order is the same as the one on the SAM Installation Guide thread.
  14. Any chance of sharing that armor? It's giving me ideas for a new character