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    Hi, Vector. This mod (and the outfitter mod) does not appear in the mod list before launching the game. MCM is installed and selected. Is there something i need to alter in any of the files?
  2. Hi. What ENBs/shaders are you using for your screenshots?
  3. Hello there. I want to alter the size of the genitals using the Racemenu mod. However, the SAM mod sliders in it does not work/effect the body at all. It does work if i access the SAM settings from the game menu. Is it because of the latest Racemenu not compatible with the current SAM? I visited the Racemenu Nexus page, trying to look for version 3.1.1 (i read somewhere the old version works fine) but, me being the dumbdumb of a user, i have no idea WHICH of the many old/optional files i should download and install. D: So, can someone point which file is the actual old version of Racemenu, so that i can play around with my actor's dick? (that sounded so dirty >:3c) Please and thank you!
  4. May I have access as well? Love your hyper stuff.
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