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  1. Zimmer

    Adult Accessories for SAM

    This compatible for SE?
  2. It still dont work but anyway i try use manually install n replaces then it work perfectly in game. Thanks
  3. Zimmer

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Is that full SAM support for SSE?
  4. Zimmer

    Lykaios Male for SAM Light

    I try follow yr tip only genitalsmale.dds copy from khajiitmale folder into lykaios male folder but no luck. Also i try to extract yr mod GenitalsmaleLykaios.dds to Lykaios male folder still no luck. The black stripe spot at both tights still visible. Anything solution u can guess or maybe i mistake place file?
  5. Zimmer

    Lykaios Male for SAM Light

    Im use full SAM instead of LIght ver and I downloaded Lykaois for full SAM by jdronk but there have black textures on tights that author still didnt fix it. I wonder if u can fix that for full SAM Lykaois support. Here the link I used
  6. Zimmer

    Lykaios males SAM support 1.2

    I know how to fixed the feet mesh by keeping original feet file. And then, I want to know how u fixed it that black thighs?
  7. Hey, TheOnionKnight. How ur working yr Shark race compatible SAM now? Any news?
  8. Nvm, Its ok with Orc body u using more easily since the argonian would mess u. Atleast u have make it work yr shark body and hope u have a luck to make tail, fin and match skintone. Btw Im really appreciated for 'jdronk' make Lykaois race support SAM even some have little black texture on legs that its ok atleast not very seen. Maybe u can ask for get help from 'jdronk' that he knows to mod race support SAM. (Y)
  9. Looks nice and very good and only important need to match skintone colour. Do u still work for it? Im hopefully u work for it until now to fully support SAM mod until u publish yr mod in this site. Im really appreciate you making work on this. Good luck to you Btw, just my suggestion or opinion. Can u replace yr using Orc body into Argonian body? I think it's better with Argonian body for Shark race looks little similar with their body and skin need minimal scale.
  10. That Fem Feet mod u mean in this link? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82390/?tab=files . So, I need to download it but which should I download file from this mod. There many files to choose from it. Btw, from the document word about 'How To Make a Custom Race Sam Compatible' by jdronk said that need Fennecrace.esp and Racecompability.esm to load up. I only have Racecompability.esm install but no Fennecrase.esp. Where to get that mod?
  11. I never had modder skyrim by myself but maybe i should try from tutorial u gave. I need more details about using modder software named Creation Kit if u have time to find it the tutorial. Thanks for tips.
  12. I see Selachii - Shark race on this website https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3368-the-selachii-shark-race/ only support Schlongs of Skyrim SOS. I try to download and install with SAM installed then try to open game and got crashed while after intro Bethesda. So, i make a request to this forum for any modders who can make Shark race support for SAM schlong mod. Just like Lykaios Wolf race did for SAM support. Hope someone can make this mod support SAM. Thanks You.
  13. Zimmer

    SAM Dragon Bone Set

    Where to put extra fix SAM dragonbone set esp?