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  1. From here and thanks to Don and Elza(The author). But I made standalone for glasses can use with beast race. Credits to Elza for this glasses. If you think I'm wrong to share this glasses, please tell me and I'll remove it. Glasses.zip
  2. Aye, this is for Lykaios Race. And that screen shot is Husk, my favorite follower from Simple Lykaios Followers.
  3. Yes, works with SE. Solved Fur shoes problem. Works with High poly hand and feet.
  4. Hello, you can try this way too. In Amor > aaaSkinNakedSirus > BOD2-Biped Body Template add Slot 52, Armature (aligned) add SAM_NakedGenitals I wonder if it work?
  5. Ok, I look in to your Lykaios Male Textures folder I found their name is bodymale.dds not bodymaleLykaios.dds, just change my files name to match your bodymale. How strange, original mod use bodymaleLykaios.dds and xedit tell to use bodymaleLykaios.dds too, how they can use bodymale.dds? Hmm, I never use SAM on LE before, so I don't know. I just play SSE.
  6. Genitals texture is genitals texture, bodymaleLykaios is bodymaleLykaios, have you extract all files to Lykaios Male Textures yet?
  7. Have you try this on SAM Full yet? I think it maybe work, I try to filled that black spot too, but I've none experience photoedit thing only basic skill. If someone has skillful better than me could be good to do it, you just compare Lykaios malebody with SAM Khajiit malebody you'll see some part need to filled. And genitals texture you just only change -Texture Set > SkinGenitalsMaleLykaios > actors\character\khajiitmale\genitalsmale.dds to actors\character\# Lykaios Race Textures\Lykaios Male Textures\GenitalsmaleLykaios.dds
  8. View File Lykaios Male for SAM Light I just made this long time ago, I found genitals texture in Lykaios SOS Light, and follow KouLeifoh's step in his SAM Light page. Submitter LustyBeast Submitted 12/14/2018 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
  9. Version 2


    I just made this long time ago, I found genitals texture in Lykaios SOS Light, and follow KouLeifoh's step in his SAM Light page.
  10. Hello, can you make Muscular Genital option too?
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