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  1. Sorajmoe

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    will definitely use this when a few armors get converted for it !! Are u planning on maybe releasing some simple outfits just to get started ?
  2. looks like another game completely - great job ^^ - Also is that cloak standalone?
  3. My Character - His name is Mavik - he hasnt slept in a while.
  4. Sorajmoe

    SAM Body - Is this normal?

    I mean Id say yes - buut ill give it a go.
  5. A little change to the SOS Body =- thought id share. ^^
  6. Sorajmoe


    Yes. True.
  7. Sorajmoe


    Hmm. I mean its odd. Theres His Mod Where you know (people can download and use it the way he provides) lol "the non broken way" and then theres mods that people make for his mod (seperate download=- seperate author and for people who would like to have a choice) it doesnt break anything if its LITERALLY a separate OPTIONAL download. meh. just have a pixel cookie. u cant eat it, use it but ...here. lol. ( i have infinite cookies)
  8. Is there a way to create a custom race with one weight ? meaning - either a "_0" or "_1" ? I would appreciate the help thanks!
  9. Sorajmoe

    SAM Body - Is this normal?

    lol yepppp -
  10. Sorajmoe

    SAM Body - Is this normal?

    xpmse - oh well .
  11. Was wondering it the body supposed to deform like this ? around the shoulder area and the chest seems to stretch out - like clay.
  12. Sorajmoe

    Texture Compatability [NSFW]

    Great and thank you for all the help ^^