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  1. Np at all ^^ thank u again for the help sengaku ^^!
  2. Helo ^^ thank u for answering - to answer ur questions i have removed all meshes and textures folders in my main data directory - reinstalled and installed the above mentioned stuff and tried didderent load orders - i also regarding the other sam body sliders - i dont seem to have a problem with those like u said - other than the sameul and samson sliders. also this is a recentlyinstalled skyrim - i also tried cut-uncut and underwear all the same problem :(( P.S with xpmse installed theres no gap anymore but the figers are still not there/cutoff like in this pic. ALSO - as u can see in the second pic the shadow shows some wierd stretching of the mesh - and im pretty sure that stretch is the missing hands and well - penis area. however in this pic no xpmse is used. EDIT/UPDATE- Fixed it - was missing the hdt file extensions XDDDDDDDDDDDD
  3. im having an issue where the samuel and samson sliders ( i also have "enable scaling - on) kind of mess up the hands and penis/underwears meshes i only have the required installed files u mentioned - the fingers disapear and the hands suddenly has a gap bw the forearm and the hand . any ideas ? P.S Im using SAM Light 1.2
  4. That head mesh is EVERYTHING - not sure if thats something your planning to release??? - eitherway already becoming a huge fan of the quality or ur work!
  5. will definitely use this when a few armors get converted for it !! Are u planning on maybe releasing some simple outfits just to get started ?
  6. looks like another game completely - great job ^^ - Also is that cloak standalone?
  7. My Character - His name is Mavik - he hasnt slept in a while.
  8. A little change to the SOS Body =- thought id share. ^^
  9. Hmm. I mean its odd. Theres His Mod Where you know (people can download and use it the way he provides) lol "the non broken way" and then theres mods that people make for his mod (seperate download=- seperate author and for people who would like to have a choice) it doesnt break anything if its LITERALLY a separate OPTIONAL download. meh. just have a pixel cookie. u cant eat it, use it but ...here. lol. ( i have infinite cookies)
  10. Is there a way to create a custom race with one weight ? meaning - either a "_0" or "_1" ? I would appreciate the help thanks!
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