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  1. Do you have Realistic Ragdolls and Force , HDT Extensions and FNIS installed? If you don't just do that and update behaviour files through FNIS tools (read on FNIS description) EDIT: I saw your own topic and I'll try to answer there
  2. Thank you very much! It worked. I think I'll upload it here after I do it.
  3. Hello everyone! Well, I'm trying to apply one female armor to SAM body with Outfit Studio and some other programs. The problem is that when Samson or Samuel slider is from 50 to 100 there are major armor clippings with the body though when sliders are less than 50 it looks pretty decent (screens). How can those clipping be fixed? Also got problems with weight sliders.
  4. I have a couple of mods containing male nudity on Nexus (male armor revealings). Surprisingly, Nexus moderators removed all homophobic comments and banned the users who wrote them.
  5. Den987

    Androgynous Characters

    Thank you I hope I'll figure it out how to use it
  6. Den987

    Androgynous Characters

    Hello! Did you do that in BodySlide??? Is your body preset is HDT-compatible? Thank you in advance!
  7. Den987

    Some problems with SAM

    Слишком большие показатели роста живота в настройках, нужно ограничить рост живота. А в целом, примерно да... Конечно особо не выделяется, если показатели Samson или Samuel стоят на максимуме You need to re-adjust belly scale settings, maybe you need to make 'em smaller. Though it should look like this... In my opinion, it's less visible if the Samson or Samuel sliders are on maximum.
  8. Den987

    Some problems with SAM

    Всё вроде работает, с последней версией проверил. Нужно поставить EggFactory.esp в конец списка модов и выполнить нужные настройки (Enable Males, Включить рост груди и живота и найти и взять объекты под названием "Suspicious Spider Egg" или что то вроде того. Everything seem to be working, at least with the latest version. You need to put EggFactory.esp to the end of mods order list and do some adjustments in Mode Settings (Enable males, Enable breast&belly scaling and to findd some objects called "Suspicious Spider Egg" or something like this.
  9. Belly, butt and etc sliders work only if SAM HDT (here is on the site) and a skeleton from XPMSE (can be found on the Nexus) are installed.
  10. Den987

    Some problems with SAM

    Не за что. Скорее проблема в самом моде на беременность, ибо некоторые не поддерживает увеличение мужского тела. Хотя, тот же Egg Factory на LoversLab от MorePrinniesDood поддерживает рост и уменьшение живота и груди. Being Female пока не тестировал. You're welcome! I think the problem is in pregnancy mod because some of them don't support male body enlargement. Though, Egg Factory on LoversLab by MorePrinniesDood supports belly and breast enlar]rgement. Being female wasn't tested yet.
  11. Den987

    Some problems with SAM

    Бегунки живота, попы и тд работают лишь при наличии SAM HDT (есть на сайте) и скелета от XPMSE (есть на Нексусе), насчёт члена, то попробуйте переместить файл SAM - Shape Atlas for Men.esp в конец списка загрузки модов. Belly, butt and etc sliders work only if SAM HDT (here is on the site) and a skeleton from XPMSE (there are on the Nexus) are installed, talking about a schlong, try to move the SAM-Shape Atlas for Men.esp file to the end of the mod order list.
  12. Den987

    no dick

    It's very strange that only orcs have no penises. Maybe you have some mods for orcs installed? 오크들에게만 남근기가 없다는 것은 매우 이상합니다. 어쩌면 당신은 오크들을위한 몇몇 mod를 가질 수 있습니까?
  13. Den987

    no dick

    Perhaps you have SOS installed at the same time with SAM? If so you may place SAM - ShapeofAtlas.esp to the bottom in the mod list then the dick should appear... 아마도 SOS가 SAM과 동시에 설치되었을 것입니까? 그렇다면 SAM - ShapeofAtlas.esp를 mod 목록의 맨 아래에 놓으면 거시기가 나타나야합니다 ...
  14. Den987

    SAM Body - Is this normal?

    Aaaaahhhh... I got it... I think
  15. Ясненько Got it