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  1. AE breaks SKSE and mods that requires it so dont update your game. Important things you need to know about skyrim anniversary edition. - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - VectorPlexus Hopefully you can revert back to the older version
  2. Great that you brought this up to attention! I was reading some angry posts over at the Steam community. One post in particular was interesting as it touched on how to prevent the game from updating. This is what he wrote. I just set appmanifest_489830.acf To read only so now I feel a bit more protected from the unwanted and forced update.
  3. Im a sucker for chubby daddy types and usually play mage characters. Here's my attempt at making a "daddyfied" breton mage. Let me introduce you to Girndin Vanrane A chunky mage who relies more on his conjured minions and followers to assist him in battle than doing too much work himself! He's supposed to be in his late 50s, a real silverfox! EDIT #Update to his face below Edit: Update to his face I was fooling around in Racemenu and came up with this and was quite pleased with the results.
  4. Well done putting this together and thanks for sharing!
  5. Will definitely try this out! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Been waiting a long time for this to complete it all! Thanks for your hard work!
  7. I can confirm now that I haven't noticed any performance loss or such while using this and it's a great addition to my game! Diversity in bodyshapes to add more immersion is always welcomed. Thanks for sharing and your contribution!
  8. Can you explain a bit more what this mod exactly does and how much it impacts performance? Does it generate random body shapes to random NPCS that you encounter? Bandits, Guards etc? Does it apply to essential npcs too, followers?
  9. Thanks for putting your time and effort into refitting this for us!
  10. I suggest you check out this mod instead Lykaios Male for SAM Light - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - VectorPlexus
  11. Let me introduce you to my big fluffy Arch-Mage Amaruq Achak Bookworm and obviously lover of food and beverages, you can easily bribe him with a dozen Sweetrolls! He is in his older days, but a happy and adventurous fella!
  12. Thanks for sharing! I really hope your chub body can become the new standard for the Samuel body! Im enjoying it so much, actually because of it, I learned how to refit myself.
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