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  1. jdronk

    Lykaios males SAM support 1.2

    Yes ofcourse, and they're not my textures. If you wanna tinker with it you're free to do so.
  2. How about some more mage clothing? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29469?tab=logs Would love to see this refitted!
  3. Nice capture ! Like the look of that armor, what armor is that ?
  4. jdronk

    SAM + Furry Age of Skyrim?

    This is most likely because the races are not recognised as "khajiit". ActorProxyKhajiit. As I explained in my tutorial. This would however make all the races use the khajiit textures. Which would lead to mismatches and so forth. I have no idea on how to add additional textures to SAM MCM Menu. The only options are Smooth and Striped. I suppose most of those races would look alright with the khajiit textures. But the Lykaios race has such Lovely textures so missing out on that is a shame. To get it to work properly you have to follow my tutorial and do those steps for each individual race.
  5. jdronk

    Lazy Render

    How's the progress on this coming along? Looking forward to the release
  6. jdronk

    Zhanyi Bikini Armor

    Thanks for your work and sharing it with us!
  7. jdronk

    Geralt Ursine armor for SAM

    Thanks for sharing! Will test it right away! This armor will look smashing on my Thief/Assassin character!
  8. jdronk

    SAM - Khajiit Textures

    Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing! Just a minor thing, I noticed when I installed this using NMM that my files was not asked to be replaced. There's a mapping/folder error. Instead of /character it says /characters. Perhaps it's just me, but that folder has Always been named "character" for me. I tried to repack this and install it myself but for some reason my NMM wont install it, saying it cant be added. Also it got from 145MBsize to 175MB when I repacked it. Strange! anyway thanks again for your work! Always nice to see some beast race love!
  9. Manly Monday Argonian Warrior With some belly!
  10. You have to open up the esp that came with the follower and follow my guide. That should do it.
  11. jdronk

    Incredible armor!!!

    I belive there used to be, however it's very simple. You just need Nifscope https://github.com/niftools/nifskope/releases Open the modular armor with nifskope and highlight the parts you want to remove and hit delete on your keyboard. Save the new armor file and let it overwrite the old one. Do the same for both daedriccuirass_1 and daedriccuirass_0
  12. jdronk

    Incredible armor!!!

    Hi, you do know that you can already achieve the look of that armour with the SAM modular Daedric armour. Pretty much.
  13. Just my Argonian Warrior. Muscular with a gut
  14. You could try changing the paths then. It's not so difficult to do. See if that works out.