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  1. nando915

    Cowboy Lux : Bodytalk V2 Refit

    Keep up the Amazing work
  2. nando915

    Absolutely Skimpy Attires for Men : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Once again thanks Ulfberth, you're really doing god's work (if I do say so myself.) But seriously, keep the mods coming; they're genuinely appreciated. Also, by the way; I was wondering if you'd maybe share your mod list us? I was interested in what other mods you personally use to enhance your experience? Well, if your comfortable of course. Thanks
  3. nando915

    Absolutely Skimpy Attires for Men : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Thanks for the help, I got it figured out. Apparently I wasn't manually installing the mods correctly. Plus i just also basically re-followed the tutorial. Keep the up the great work, its very appreciated. Also btw, is the body hair in some of your mod previews part of the body build or a separate mod? Thanks again
  4. nando915

    Absolutely Skimpy Attires for Men : Bodytalk v2 Refit

    Hey Ulfberth, thanks for the spectacular content but I seem to have a problem I dont know how to fix. I spent a couple hours reading your FO4 Bodyslide tutorial and I downloaded most of your mesh refits but whenever I load into the game the textures are purple; at least on the npcs. I turned off as many non-Ulfberth mods as I could but none of them fixed it so I was wondering if you had any ideas on what might be happening? Also, Is my character supposed to be into the bodyslide body type by the time i leave character creation or later; because he's the vanilla version up the the point I played to. (only 15 min) I'll try reinstalling the game to see if that does anything but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. nando915

    Injustice 2 Male Mods?

    With Injustice 2 coming to PC Nov 14th, is anyone else excited for the mod possibilities for the male characters? I was wondering what everyone thoughts on this is, especially @Vector.
  6. nando915

    Progress on WOTC Update?

    I was wanting to know if anyone had any progress updates on the Xsoldier WOTC Update @Vector was working on? I know I should have a little more patience it's just that I'm itching to play WOTC but I'd like to play it with Xsoldier if possible; once again, thanks for reading.
  7. nando915

    What's new

    Hey Vector, just wondering how progress was coming along on the WOTC update for Xsoldier? Everything looks great so far but just wanted to check up on the progress; you have my sincere thanks on everything you've been doing and updating.
  8. nando915

    XSoldier Screenshots

    Awesome screenshots, i wonder if it'll ever be possible to do a full nude mod on XCOM 2? Maybe someday soon.
  9. nando915

    XSoldier WOTC Update

    I was wondering if Xsoldier was gonna get updated to fit with the WOTC expansion? I think the original Xsoldier mod is amazing and frankly underrated so I was hoping to see it updated really soon because it really is one of my favorite mods out there; anyway thanks for reading.