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  1. HPE had nothing to do with the showcased mismatched textures. I was able to fix it by tweaking a some enb settings and using fair skin normalmaps for the female character and vitruvian normalmaps for the male character.
  2. Indeed! it looks like I've mismatched the body and face textures, but it's the same set of textures (pure skin). The weird thing is that this is happening with every skin pack I've used and despite showing mismatchs on my custom race, the same skin works very well on my vanilla races. It happens to my Male character as well. My last test wielded a better outcome, but I still got a light mismatch: [url=https://ibb.co/KNNBs1p][img=https://i.ibb.co/wJJ8QvF/enb-2020-10-08-09-32-03-20.png][/url] This time demoniac skin was used. enb.local settings: enbseries.ini: Ooopsie, the first link is not working
  3. Greetings, guys! I've been using the High Poly Head mod for a while, and to be honest it's a massive upgrade from bethesda's blocky and square heads, I just can't bring myself to not use it! But I decided that my character needed to stand out among the other NPC's and naturally I've attempted to make the mod work with drail's (oldie but goldie) custom races mod. So far it worked just fine. The HPH mod has been set as a master for drail's mod, expressive facegen morphs and EFA were installed as well. But my character has an noticeable neck seam, that I can't get rid of; I've tried countless skin mods, but the seam is there. Is worth mentioning that my vanilla race character does not show any kind of seam on their necks despite that fact that I'm using the same skin set for both of them. Does anyone that has any experience regarding this kind of setup would mind lending me a hand here? Thanks in advance.
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