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  1. Oh, I've managed to solve this problem with the replacement method mentioned by @Oubliette. Shame that the feet and privates textures are now messed up, but I'll think something up. I was using the wrong files, as I'm using SAM's High Poly version, I needed the high-poly meshes, but I'd been using the default ones the whole time. ? Now, I'm glad the hands are fixed up at least.
  2. Anything? Anyone? I'm also up for any easier type of work, maybe iI could even try manual mesh editing once... I really have no idea how to solve this problem with some tips...
  3. Hello everyone! I found a mod that has been in the making a long time. It's the remade version of the Lykaios race using openly-shared assets by KrittaKitty, released after she dropped the work on the mod. This work was completed by BadDog of Lover's Lab. Here is the link to original file on Lover's Lab: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8487-lykaios-race-new-version/ After installing the mod with SAM Light enabled, the body works fine as long as you use an armour of any sort. If you're using SAM Morphs for RaceMenu though, expect seams near hands and feet area. It's a well known issue for custom races and SAM, but I have no knowledge on how to fix this problem besides opening the mod's archive in CK and checking the individual bodypart meshes. My past experiences with mesh editing have been disastrous, so I might classify this post as a request. The editing permission is granted as long as we credit the original authors of the mod. Thanks to anyone willing to read this. Have a good day.
  4. The feet problem can be somewhat fixed by installing the original Lykaios race mod and replacing the feet meshes. This should fix the textures but the seams remain visible.
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