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  1. it's not that complicated to create a new armor in the Creation Kit, the hard part is making the armor. You'll have to create a different folder for the mesh that you're using and also rename the mesh and the textures the mesh uses, you'll do this to make it so the mod stops replacing it. So the meshes are .nif files, you'll need NifSkope to do the next part. You'll open the .nif and search for the BSTriShape > BSLightingShadeProperty > BSShaderTextureSet, there you'll be able to see the path for the textures of the .nif, now you'll have to point to the folder of the textures you created/renamed. Now all you have to do is modify the .esp in the Creation Kit, creating a new Armor Addon and a new Armor, the Armor will call the Armor addon which will contain the mesh that you renamed and the Armor will say what parts of the body the Armor Addon will replace, for this part I recommend watching a video, it'll make it a much more simple task.
  2. i found the same issue when taking off a gear piece, if you go to your shouts there's a option there for SAM to look for new textures, that fixed it for me.
  3. the one on nexus got deleted? here is another source for it.
  4. i use puppet, it'll add a spell to your character to puppet others (make them your follower, undress, even pee lol) and it has bdsm options while being able to change their pose, i also use defeat, it has a similar feel to it, but instead of a spell you knockdown others.
  5. working as if how? SAM has it's own genitalia and even if you install Savrenx SAM SOS it'll still not work properly since you'll have two penis meshes in one. I've seen people using SAM and then SOS and letting SAM overwrite everything but the penis, so you can get addons like these to work properly. Other than that, you can simply take the mesh of the penis that you're trying to use, adjust it to fit properly the body and then make it a brand new outfit in CK with it's own .esp so it doesn't rely on SOS .esm/.esps, i believe this is the easiest way.
  6. I'm trying too! But the head gets dislocated from the body :c
  7. what do you mean by clothed? The characters won't wonder naked just because you installed a mod, you need to be more specific, when you use the console or other cheatings ways that VR has (I never played so I have no idea) and type 'unequip all' they wear a underwear? If so, some of these mods have FOMOD installer that works with Vortex (I don't know about MO2 because I use it only to sort my load order and not install mods) and can let you choose which version of the file you wish to have. Usually you'll have to use another mod to make characters get fully naked or you can use the console, that is because almost all characters in the game has a 'basic outfit' set in the files of the game, meaning that even if you take all of their items (armor, etc) out of their inventories they'll have a invisible set of armor that'll be applied to them, I recommend Puppet, it'll let you make a npc follow you, make them essential, wear what you wish, make them your puppet literally (NSFW mod) -- Idk if it'll work on VR though Also, the version of SAM that works with VR is the SAM Light version and it won't support body morph unless you use this extension, but far as I know VR don't have support for UIExtensions, so the extension may not work.
  8. Oh no, it's not made by me It was made by the amazing Savrenx, you can get it here, then you can place it in Skyrim Special Edition/Data/textures/actors/character/male and replace the file, remember to make a backup if you ever wish to revert the change.
  9. I loved them! Please make mooore <33
  10. Since I started playing RE2R, I really wanted to have Leon in my game for research purposes, so I found this: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sc-leon-ada-36623852 The problem is, even if I replace like he says the head doesn't support different weights, so if I put the head with the SAM Body the head floats, does anybody know how to fix this? Or maybe even do it for me 😄
  11. May I ask you, are you using a custom race with the SAM Body? For example, COtR races (which looks like it) I use COtR and have a similar issue, it happens because the preset misses the malebody_1_s.dds texture in the lines of the .jslot of the preset. So you'll have to open the preset in Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets as a notepad, hit F3 and search for skinOverrides, if the data field is empty then that's the problem, just paste the directory of where your malebody_1_s.dds is, which should be "textures\\actors\\character\\male\\malebody_1_s.dds", and then save and reapply the preset to your character, it should fix it.
  12. if you use SAM Morphs for Racemenu you can use the SAM Morphs (target) from your spell list to change the morphs of NPCs and apply tattoos, I personally use Ixum's Tattoos and Tattoo Model Suicide Girl Race Menu, both of them are for Oldrim but they're compatible with SSE too, if it bothers you, you can open the .esp from both of them in the CK to convert them to form 44, even though I believe it's not necessary, they will work just fine. The Suicide Tattoos are made for female characters but all of the body tattoos work just fine for males, the face ones don't work too well. Ixum's Tattoos were made especially for males.
  13. View File [Team TAL] BDO Gierach SAM Light Skimpy Refit About this mod: I removed most of the meshes because I like skimpy stuff, if you use extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers in the back can get messed up. The armor will not count within the body slot, so you'll be able to use it with other armors or thongs freely, that also means that using only the armor without a thong will let your character naked, the armor uses slot 46. The thong used in the screenshots does not come with the mod, it's from Kreis' Armors of Fantasia. You can get the armor trough the AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer. Requirements: SAM High Poly Conversion - for HP body (hard requirement) HDT BBB Bounce for SAM - for body physics (optional) Install/Uninstall: Use your mod manager or just drop the files into Skyrim Special Edition/Data To uninstall just remove the files, it shouldn't affect your game at all since it's just an outfit, just make sure to unequip it before removing the mod. Known Issues: - If used with extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers will get messed up. - It should be ok to use it without HDT-BBB and you can also use it with it. Credits and Special Thanks: Team TAL for the original BDO Gierach armor KouLeifoh for both HP body and HDT BBB physics VectorPlexus Submitter Nathy Submitted 04/21/2021 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by  
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