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  1. hello guys thank yu for your help last night and what tattoos are you using for skyrim se and how do i apply them to my followers or npc
  2. Hello everyone how is everyone doing,i was wondering if there is an installation guide and a load order for your wonderful mods for skyrim special edition
  3. Hello guys just wanted to tell ya that you do impressive work i need help if you please.I,ve installed those xcom2 mods and it came up like the in game picture, and guessing i did something wrong so here pictures of what i,ve installed. It would be greatly appreciated if some talented modders like you guys would help please and thank you
  4. Hello guys help i,d like to install this mod S.A.M. SOS+SAM normals pt01.7z but i get something like this untitled jpg how do i proceed please thank you
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