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  1. Thanks, Yeah I'd go back to it and see if i can get it to work, so far I have the face is almost the same, the tail and fin are a little more challenging Not sure if the argonian body would work as this is just uses the textures from SAM, so the orc textures are blank where as the argonian have that very specific pattern which would mess with the head textures and create a very obvious seam. The UV mapping is also a problem there cause not sure how to edit that in photoshop
  2. I was able to finagle it in the creation kit to work using the Orc body with minimal seam, will need to edit the textures to match the skin tone though and make a tattoo texture to make the patterns work a bit better. It wont have some of the niceties (fancy hands/feet) though but it works Old example below
  3. I guess this thread might be the best spot to ask, not sure, but does anyone have a copy of the default but revealing blacksmith armor (its pretty much just the apron ) I remember there was one someone did it back on HoT but I lost it will a bunch of things when my HDD died recently If anyone has a copy and is willing to share it that would be greatly appreciated
  4. TheOnionKnight

    Editing SAM Malebody Weights

    Was all ok with that part of things, was mainly the exporting that I have trouble with When I exported it last time it didnt have the right nodes for SAM, I saw someone who was editing it but didnt go into to many details past the painting
  5. TheOnionKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    The Creation Kit, jdronk did a great tutorial, Still a bit of a issue with the head texture and body, there's a little bit of a colour difference but that could be based on the textures I'm using, its only really noticeable in full light I ended up just duping the Sam "parts" and re-selecting the mesh for the hands and feet, you can use the argonian claw hands if you have them but you need to choose a different texture, the feet unfortunately have to be default to scale, not sure if there's any claw feet done for Sam yet. It looks a mess in the preview in CK, with like half human parts and what not, but in game once it changes the body textures over it looks like above
  6. TheOnionKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Ah Cool, Really like the Selachii race so thought I'd give it a try Been messing around with the keywords for it and changed argonian to orc (seems like it would be the most plain colour/texture wise, so far its been quite good, still got a few textures to tweek, but seems to be working pretty good
  7. I'm pretty novice at this too but pressing the Pencil at the end of the slider allows you to edit for a specific slider set, as it says in the message. So say you press the pencil on the Samson one it will max it out (100%) and go purple meaning your editing that set. Pressing it again brings it out of edit mode.
  8. TheOnionKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Ooo I dig this guy! Is that the Sharkmer Race? Is it only for Sos?
  9. TheOnionKnight

    Editing SAM Malebody Weights

    First off, Thanks for mod Really opens up the opportunity for more things that require HDT bodies. That's understandable, I merely was wondering bout the process. I did actually want to edit it for use with a full samuel morph to use such things like Soul gem oven and Fill her up, i understand it may not look great but just wanted to try. The scaling issue was not with your one, it was the altered one I messed around with, the naked skin wasn't scaling to samson/samuel at all, I assume cause I didn't export it properly which was my main the question. Again thanks for the great mod to begin with
  10. I was wondering what is the process to editing the body weights of malebody_0/1, I wanted to edit the belly weights as they are a little odd at larger sizes I've been able to edit it fine in bodyslide but I'm not sure bout the exporting, the first time resulted in some problems with the SAM scaling. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. TheOnionKnight

    diaper lovers

    I'm kinda embarrassed to say I have played around a bit with this and one of the other diaper mods on LL a fair bit So far I have been able to do some basic conversions to single scales (For me its been Samuel at 100) but not sure how to do the scaling and .tri files so its just for that size, no point sharing/getting permissions to share atm without the scaling so maybe if i can learn Sorry for the poor quality screenshots, might be using a few too many mods for higher settings
  12. TheOnionKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Ah okay, all good man. Hope they give you permission someday I'd be happy to try and help with some alternative textures but not sure if I'd be able to do it, be happy to give it a shot though
  13. TheOnionKnight

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I absolutely love your Minotaur!!! Amazing work! If you don't mind me asking, would you consider sharing it? Up to you, but I'd love to play as one
  14. TheOnionKnight

    SAM Installation Guide

    @GenieSweetie Sounds like some script lag ( I think thats what its called), not much you can do about that I have the same with the textures, takes a sec to apply them after I strip the character but only like a split second then its fine