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  1. How could you make your character's face look so smooth and flat? Can you share the secret ?
  2. Try putting on the SOS Controller Ring (?) and then use PgUp / PgDown to control others' schlongs or Shift + PgUp/PgDown t control your player's
  3. Woah, the first pic looks kinky and sexy af Can you send me the link of the armor?
  4. I utterly believe that this one is your best armor so far, not too skimpy, not too fully-clothed, everything is just enough to highlight the sexiness of male character! Please release more mods like this
  5. Please keep up with your fantastic works! I'm looking for your next sexy armors
  6. I don't think that's the case though... because I've been using Fine Face Texture to create my characters ( along with Pretty Face for Men, Skysight Skin for SAM ) since I used MO. And thanks, he is the cutest male character that I've created so far ( his frontal face is kinda attractive but looks crappy from the side lol ) I used Nord preset and then scuplted his face myself. You can have his preset if you want to. Edit: it turns out that Pretty Face for Men is what caused the neck seam... and now I'm torn between having a cutie with neck seam and having a not-so-cute one with seamless neck... At first, I thought that Pretty Face only changed the face model not the texture.... If you could find mods that make face model smooth and cute like Pretty Face and compatible SAM, please notice me as soon as possible ...
  7. I'd love to see your wonderful artworks :>
  8. i would be so glad if anyone could help me with this *cryariver*
  9. I also have the same problem, someone please fix this...
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