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  1. karunavai


  2. karunavai


    Massive powerful Mane Skyrim Special Edition tweaked Rudy ENB for Obsidian weathers + elfx Sam light / hardbodies normalmap nevernude version
  3. i also would love to see an apachii elegance store refit for Sam. love sam...love the outfits. but cant sue the best one because of the incompatibillity. even if just some chest is shown
  4. karunavai

    Mane SSE

    Escanor Lionspride my SSE Mane with Sam light high poly conversion using hardbody normalmap. yes i know about the hand and feet gap. must find some fitting bracers to cover them without covering the whole hands. vindictus armor retouched sam refit. rudy enb for obsidian weathers with elfx.
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