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  1. karunavai

    Khajiit Talk

    Thx to my friend SavrenX who came up with the idea i just used Sin Dunestride Headmesh for my character. its amazing. why i havent thought about this earlier?!^^ but there is still the feet mesh and face texture issue.
  2. karunavai

    Khajiit Talk

    Hey Friends. I'm currently recreating my Mane Khajiit. SE Sam light with Hardbody normalmap, replaced the tail with HDT tail. I'm very happy about the results i had the last time but there is still much to do for perfection. preview: Khajiit Mane Sam light SSE my probolems are simple but i wasnt able to find a solution till now. at first i have zero experience with sculpting. i sometimes tried but mostly failed. especially for big changes. what i currently need is a Headmesh / headmorph suitable for Lion type characters. ive found images but have no idea what they used to create this look. (picture #1) since i use my Mane hair it doesnt even care if there is a neckseam second problem is face texture. the body texture is amazing but the face texture simply is shitty. (picture #2) third problem...i want a sam light compatible Digitigrade feet for my Khajiit. i know Kouleifoh is working on fixing the gap which is amazing but i personally would prefer Digitigrade feet. (picture #3) i hope someone here can hel me. have a nice day ❤️ Karunavai