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  1. You might want to try the update version in the download section. It should be way easier to install and all up to date with High Poly and physics.
  2. For SE, SOS is still a better framework for handling the Schlongs (and for compatibility with most adult mods) since SAM Light is just a body replacer and doesn't have any of the scripts that make up SAM LE's functionalities. As far as body quality goes, SAM is the superior option by a long shot, especially so if you like larger guys. So much that I'm still using it's meshes and textures, although I've long refitted everything I use to use Kreiste's HIMBO sliders which are awesome for customization. You can still use SOS with SAM assets quite easily, although sometimes you'll have to make minor adjustments to things by yourself since most armors aren't built with both mods in mind, but the SOS patch in the download section that makes using them together it a lot easier. I have been using that setup for a long time and it has always worked great.
  3. Beast races use different hand meshes from the human ones, so either the .tri file is missing or the hands .nif got overwritten with non-SAM hands, in either case the hand mesh in use can't find the correct .tri file so they don't morph with the rest of the body. Depending on how you installed SAM and how good you are at modding, you either need to build new hands in BodySlide, search the installation archive and recover the correct .nif and .tri files, or remove and reinstall SAM.
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316
  5. I tried googling your title but came up with nothing. If you can link the mod it would be great, this way people can take into consideration the amount of work the conversion would take. In any case, SAM Light has the penis on the same slot as the body unlike SOS and other bodies, so if your only issue is the crotch hole you can just use the reference body with the penis during the refit process (you can get it from here), or if you're already done the refit with a SAM body, just download the body mod again and add the penis back into the mesh.
  6. Refitting female to SAM using only the brush and the scale functions is a nigh impossible task. I have no experience in making sliders but from what I've looked into it, it looks like it might be more of an hassle than it's worth. I have converted several outfits from female to SAM and to do it I usually first build an as masculine as possible version of the outfit with the female bodyslide (I use this CBBE preset with some minor tweaks), then import the high weight female outfit on the low weight male body and refit as it were an usual male outfit from another body. Just remember to delete the CBBE body meshes and delete the unused body vertices for better results. It works quite well. For example, this was my first try at this technique, while my latest attempt (If I understood the sequence of events correctly), was used as base by Don for his amazing Goddess outfit conversion.
  7. If you manage to make everything work, feel free to publish it yourself! Should you or anyone find it useful, I'll put here the files that I have. It's not much, but while trying to make the various things work (which in the end decided to stay broken) I've added a penis size slider to the outfit (not too exxaggerated) and separated male from female version so they don't overwrite each other anymore. SAM Goddess SE.7z
  8. I've eliminated the see-though effect by replacing the body project in Outfit Studio, and I've set all the correct textures and meshes for both first and third person, but now the feet refuse to be linked to the calves (I've set the slots correctly in the Nifs and ARMO/ARMA entries), and the cuirass is stuck on max weight (I've rebuilt it several times with the correct low weight slider position). I honestly don't understand what's going on with this outfit. The more I fix the more it stays broken.
  9. Ah yes, I forgot to actually copy the physics to the outfit. Doing it mostly eliminated movement clipping, although it caused something weird that I have never encountered before and don't know how to solve: (I forgot to install my boy's favourite hair pack :c he has the big bald sad now lol) The body kind of became see-through? when I move the camera, those brown spots become the front part of the outfit. If anyone has any idea how to get rid of that I'll update the file and publish it in the download section.
  10. I've thrown together a very quick refit, feel free to try it out and see if there's any problems with it. SAM Goddess Outfit SE.7z Small note: I wanted to make it a full replacer, but I didn't realize the BodySlide files for the gauntlets were misspelled, so I suggest removing the original BodySlide files manually if that bothers you. EDIT: I forgot it needs CK work to make it appear on males. I'll fix that as soon as possible. It is done, and everything appears to work as intended.
  11. Yes, I've also noticed this in my own refits. For some reason BodySlide and Outfit Studio don't align the objects properly which Nifskope does instead, so you need to inflate a little more than apparently necessary to make them look good in game. Look at the objects in Nifskope after building them with Outfit Studio, so you don't have to launch the game every time. I think the same applies to @RedGUARD's problem. Need to inflate the bandages with Outfit Studio until they look good in Nifskope.
  12. I don't see any physics built inside the meshes, but none of them comes in _0 and _1 pairs, which if you play at a weight different than 0 (and possibly SAM sliders too), might be the problem (despite having a .tri file). That probably wasn't needed in LE SAM due to how it worked, but SAM Light lacks some of the more dynamic functions of the oldrim SAM. I had the same problem when doing my first refits, moving the weight slider crashed my game. You should try to use BodySlide and Outfit Studio to make all the outfits come in weighted pairs. It's a bit of work but from what I can see it's your best shot. Begin with the piece you like the most and try it in game, to see if it solves the issue so that you don't waste time doing stuff that's not immediately useful.
  13. Hmmm. I don't suppose you could either link to the original mod or share the files here (without the .esp if necessary due to permission issues)? This way I could take a look at them and try to see if I or someone else can detect the issue.
  14. If it uses LE physics you'll need to remove all references to it from the nifs and delete the related files, especially any SKSE ones. Now the outfit will be static, but at least it won't crash your game. If physics is necessary to make it look good there are tutorials that help with that, but often they aren't easy to follow. Also, to update the plugin saving it in the Creation Kit is necessary, Nif Optimizer can't do that. If there is no physics involved, you can try to port the armor with Cathedral Assets Optimizer rather than Nif Optimizer. CAO is easy enough to use and also gives you the option to pack the files into BSAs.
  15. While the description says the attire is modeled on fine clothes, I don't think that it by itself is a replacer, being made by 12 pieces. You most likely need to either craft it or summon it through the AdditemMenu mod, and then you need to manually give all the pieces you want your follower to wear. Or if you want it just for the look and don't want to be bothered every time you start a new game, you can smash all the pieces together in Outfit Studio and use Body Slide to build it as a replacer for the fine clothes.
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