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  1. oh i don't mind vanilla-like atmosphere at all actually. i've grown to appreciate it even. i just wish it were easy and performance-friendly to like... randomize body textures from various mods and vanilla to provide a feeling of like... people having different shaped bodies and not just the same kind of look. i've also seen quite a weird trend of people thinking body hair only grows in a straight line down the middle of the torso, or liking it at least. that last set of textures looks nice other than the bald spots on the bellies of the second and third textures, and i am planning to not use morphs anymore on some files if those textures don't work with standard SAM and the morphs. (Maybe I'm just confused though and SAM Light has morphs. i don't actually remember what the difference was between the two SAM versions.) It would be really neat if someone could make those textures add and remove abs like the standard SAM morphs seem to as well.
  2. i'm glad that this is available outside of the vanilla body now, but what would be neat is if SAM had a way to add standalone textures to go along with the other textures in the part of the MCM where you can choose a texture to use, but maybe SAM Light doesn't even have an MCM. I've never used it personally. i'd love to see some kind of enhanced version of Skysight Skins... for SAM rather than SAM Light... with soft, fat, muscular, and varying degrees of hairiness like SAM has. Maybe even a SAM conversion of the vanilla textures (sorry. i like them. lol)... minus the clubfeet texture of course. lol
  3. i'm disappointed that there's no version without the abs and would like one if possible, please. the original SAM Khajiit textures don't have abs iirc, and i go for that look because my men aren't constantly working out to try to look like superheroes.
  4. quentin_big-cat

    New muscular skin textures for full SAM?

    SAM isn't soft actually. Just... actually kind of realistic because people don't work out constantly irl unless they're kinda... not quite right in the head. Muscular people don't really have rocking abs and biceps unless they worked out recently... or flex maybe. If people with magically constant abs and biceps are your thing though, no one's stopping you. lol
  5. Hi. I love the textures. :3 I'm not sure if you're still working on any mods, but... I was wondering if there's a chance these textures could be edited to have more noticable claws on the toes like that Khajiit retexture, please? It kind of looks like there are none there. It... sadly breaks my immersion a bit, and I... well... rather like feet. ;w;
  6. quentin_big-cat

    SAM Gunrose Lykaios Follower

    Wait. What? We've been needing a fix for the Lykaios SAM feet/ankle seams for ages, and you seem to have it here. Does your fix apply to the entire race I wonder, or just Gunrose? Also, I think the original Lykaios textures may conflict with SAM, and at least because the nipples may not be in the right spots on the pecs.
  7. quentin_big-cat

    Ulag's Legacy for SAM patch

    o.o Nice. I was thinking about using this mod, as it seems to fit with Skyrim's other armor... and had forgotten that I would need a patch for SAM up until now. Some of armor even resembles armor from The Elder Scrolls Online. o.o owo Any plans (or permission .nwn.) for revealing or skimpy versions by chance? Standalone ones maybe even?
  8. quentin_big-cat

    [SAM] UPD 13/08/18 All Heavy Armors Replacer

    I'm glad you're still working on this<3 I would love a version that adds every Dwarven armor variety as at least craftable if not randomly spawning around.
  9. What would be interesting is if someone took the default skimpy mesh and made it and this one into standalones that would both spawn on npcs randomly alongside the vanilla refits.
  10. I feel like it should instead be lootable from Dragon Priests like the rest of the Draugr armor is in Immersive Creatures, but I've always wanted this armor playable and would never expect it to come to SAM, so thanks you. .nwn.<3 EDIT: Oh, and I look forward to the standalone edition! .òwó.