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  1. I am sorry about the spam of the female nude videos. I removed them so you all can get back to your viewing pleasure of the male forum.
  2. very nice Nick and Hancock. Those on the nexus? The Preston and looks nice also and I am guessing the one with on the far right is Maccready he looks nice also. Man nice follower edits there.
  3. Where are those Speedos from Don and do they have sliders for BodyTalk2
  4. Love the look of the underwear there. Are you able to share it?
  5. I have had a problem like this. When loading an area the schlong would show through the guards briefs part of there armor. It normally went away though after things finished loading and adjusting the bodies to what I had them saved at. I am not sure what might be causing this to happen especially if it is happening with non skimpy clothes and armor and if it is staying that way even after things have loaded well. Wish I could be of more help.
  6. Please make sure to add a NSFW (Not Safe for Work) tag to any forum post that you consider to not be safe for work environments. Even though Vector does not mind content like that being on the site, he does want it labeled accordingly so that people can still look at the site when in public areas. Also please make sure any signatures you have are safe for work as well.
  7. Any chance on getting a none wet version? Love the ripped look, but not a big fan of the wet look. I would love to have a none wet version to us =).
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