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  1. Hello, wondering if any modders can convert this mod (or completely remake it) for SAM. I would myself but...... I have no Idea how to mod..... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23173
  2. Shasion

    Texture/Mesh issues

    It still is, but it only happens with Beast Races, the other eight are just fine.
  3. Shasion

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Just the SAM Core so I could see if that mod was causing the problem, nothing else (wasn't really caring about the other SAM mods like Textures and Armor refits at the time). But I have found that the invisible gauntlet/bracer problem is only happening on beast races. the other eight races are just fine.
  4. Shasion

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    I have found an issue with the mod. When I install it (by itself), both Leather Bracers and Ancient Nord Gauntlets don't appear on my character and can be equipped over by other gauntlets/bracers. Am i the only one having this problem?
  5. Shasion

    Texture/Mesh issues

    For some reason, the latest version of SAM Core is messing up the leather bracers, it keeps them from appearing on my characters, the ars are still there but the bracers don't show, same with ancient bracers.