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  1. plutarco

    SAM for Animals/Creatures

    Can be SAM be applied to giant custom race? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46416
  2. plutarco

    T71's S.A.M. Extra Hairy Furball

    Is possible to convert other body hair colours?
  3. So can the Giant race be compatibe with SAM body?
  4. plutarco

    Zhanyi Bikini Armor

    it is comatible with the net like revealing undie?
  5. I love this mod but I think that the neck need to be resizable to match the body, I don’t know if this is possible. if it cannot be dynamic like the body, can the head be modified to have a muscular one?
  6. plutarco

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    What armor is that? seems like Daedric or something?
  7. plutarco

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    does it exist? i made a research and didnt find anything about it.
  8. plutarco

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    thank you Kou
  9. plutarco

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    there is a way to add physics to the lower body, like outter and inner thighs?
  10. plutarco

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Do it as stand alone follower
  11. plutarco

    SAM Installation Guide

    there will be an alternative to "setPQV" ??