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  1. Cubrethil

    Chaurus Mashup for SAM

    Not sure what is causing that to happen. Perhaps another mod is messing with this one.
  2. Cubrethil

    Daren armor for SAM

    How do you update the .tri files to work with SAM SE?
  3. I agree. Nicely done! Any chance of sharing as follower or preset?
  4. Apparently there is no upskirt. I'd would happily share this but I think the permissions on Divine Elegance say no to that.
  5. The talking statue said 'talk to me, sleep in the bed and everything will be okay.'
  6. Infiniteone, How do you blur the background?
  7. It is from Divine Elegance converted to SAM.
  8. Playing with Screen Archery and Poser.
  9. Cubrethil

    Screen Archery: The Basics

    Thanks for that. Did not know it would target npcs.
  10. Cubrethil

    Screen Archery: The Basics

    How do you move the characters vertically?
  11. Cubrethil

    Screen Archery: The Basics

    Thanks for this. Will be playing with screenshots tonight.