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  1. For some reason, Outfit Studio gives me an error message every time I try to load malebody.tri in step 3. What I doing wrong?
  2. I see you posted this a year ago but what mod is the red armor from? It's gorgeous and I'd love to use it for a sorcerer I'm gonna make soon! Is it SAM compatible or is it your custom mod? Thanks!
  3. Oh! I really Like the last one's scaly skin texture! What mod is that? Is this a new race mod? I seems to work beautifully with SAM!
  4. Hi there! This guide is such a great reference! I've avoided so many bugs thanks to your guide but I can't seem to get the optional modular function in the mod menu to work. Would someone take a look at my load order? I've tried moving things up and down in MO but I can't seem to figure out what the interference is. Thanks for your help! Ambrozloadorder.txt
  5. Also looking forward to more SAM friendly refits! Nice work!
  6. I have copies of some of the files lost on Lady Moraine and would be happy to pass them along to this site's admin. I'd rather not upload them myself since they're Vector's work (and because I'm a ditz and don't really know how to zip the files again). Have the male flame atronach or spriggan meshes been re-uploaded? They're gorgeous and I love them with my druid build (it'd also be really cool if someone wanted to make a sexier mesh for the ice and storm atronachs...pleeeeeeeeez!)
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