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  1. Heh tried it with SAM and SOS (don't worry they work with each other quite well) there's a problem with the textures, the skeleton is not working properly with SAM scaling and and don't let me start that the COCK is missing too.
  2. I have the same problem as Sailgai, can you please make a mega or google drive download? Btw I've downloaded the first version 9 months ago without any problems. Now it crashes near 30% downloaded, even if I'll stop it and then resume the download it crashes.
  3. Hello, I've been using this mod for quite some time and for a few months I'm getting strange bug, the problem is that my Prince Albert piercing disappears every time I equip revealing robes and I'm it disappears, but it is still equiped. Also strange thing is that the piercing doesn't disappear when I start a new game, but when I save and load the game then the bug appears. Oh and almost forgot when I equip the same robe to NPC and make him equip the same piercing, it stays visible. But not on my PC. Could you please look into it? Thank you.
  4. SAM morphs are useless, only working sliders are "samuel" and "samson" if you want to change the schlong size use the SOS racemenu plugin (works without SOS)
  5. yep i used it and it wasn't a problem also i recommend SOS controller (shift + page up or page down) of erection
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