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  1. 7SinGula


    sadly no, i already try to install without sos, you cant start the game and loot say error
  2. hey guys sorry, i want to ask question, there's a mod in sexlab, called femboy race reborn 1.1.1, mod need sos, i tried installing sos without disrupting sam (no texture, no change) but somehow the sos always control the schlong not sam so how can i install both, sos just for this race and sam keep controling the schlong? and thank you before
  3. what face is that? tell me pls
  4. 7SinGula

    XSoldier Screenshots

    Sometime they zoom and i love it (laid back best attitude)
  5. 7SinGula

    XSoldier Compatibility

    yup i think you missed them, its nowhere to be found in my game, race 0 and head template right on costumize menu? or you put their head somewhere else?
  6. 7SinGula


    holy shit, the best mod i've ever seen, i love xcom2 and i love your mod so much vector
  7. 7SinGula

    SAM compatibility for Enderal

    release it please? its just a patch, i think its fine
  8. 7SinGula

    Artwork and Hyper stuff!

    count me in please, love your mod vector