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  1. Sigh. I'm not part of any elite group nor am I in contact with one. The kids these days love drama, but this false accusation needs to stop. I have a graduate degree in programming and a long history with hacking dating back to the game boy days. I left the "scene" after my assembly hacks for ps3 games were stolen and then sold as part of a cheat device. This will be my last response to such nonsense. It was easier when I was a nobody lurking the old Hall of Torque forums and doing some odd requests to make a few people happy.
  2. KouLeifoh

    Download — High Poly Head

    The male Khajiit head mesh has a mane that just floats around the neck along with overlapping UV mapping. Design-wise, I still need to figure out how to fix it without breaking existing textures.
  3. It's a simple concept. Slot 52 is generally used for genitals/underwear. Management of slot 52 requires a specfic setup that often involves using scripts and event listeners. Node scaling won't work if the slot 52 genital/underwear uses the same nodes. SAM Light is designed to be used without a script. It's a basic body replacer where the genitals are placed on slot 32 (same as body). It's not compatible with slot 52 genital/underwear when nude. I'm not a fan of using event listeners for this purpose and am always hesitant when people ask for slot 52 management (among other things) to be added to SAM Light.
  4. KouLeifoh

    Download — High Poly Head

    I took a break from modding for a month and came back to a bunch of repeated questions. It'll take me awhile to go through all of them. 😅 To clarify a few things: This mod only includes head meshes/morphs. No eye meshes/morphs are included. If you use an eye mesh fix that changes vertices/UV, this will break the eye morphs included with RaceMenu. The high poly heads are based on the vanilla meshes for compatibility reasons. This includes flaws in the UV mapping. The only fixes I made were skin shader adjustment (male head) and UV edge adjustment in the back of the head (female head). For those that want the UV eye socket adjustment fix for the female head, I can add it as an optional addon in a future update. This will also require generating new FaceGen data for affected NPC's. RaceMenu presets with sculpt data for the vanilla head are not compatible. Importing them will likely result in a deformed head shape.
  5. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Templates in templates.ini can't reference other templates. It needs to be changed to: VendorFood "Food Vendor" [CLAS:00013256][email protected]|[email protected],[email protected]|[email protected] or for all random within range: VendorFood "Food Vendor" [CLAS:00013256][email protected]:[email protected],[email protected]:[email protected] I used morphs to store the texture indices for each NPC. This prevents main game save bloat and only affects the SKSE co-save. Random morphs can be used for textures with texture change applied through cloak, but this may make the game unstable with my current implementation.
  6. KouLeifoh

    Download — High Poly Head

    The Face Part slider only changes the head mesh. You'll need to manually change the brows to its high poly version using the Brows slider. It changes both brow mesh and texture.
  7. KouLeifoh

    High Poly Head

    @Lycanthroat RaceMenu itself has a "bug" when using custom head textures and changing the face parts. You need to force a model update by changing player weight to fix the texture issue. As for the head export, it seems to work fine for me. I created a custom race using the vanilla head, changed the face part to the high poly head in RaceMenu, and then exported the head in Scupt. The high poly head mesh is there, though slightly morphed by the skinning data. I tested this on both LE and SE (1.5.97) using the vanilla female skeleton. I'm not sure if the Ningheim race is doing something different that's causing issues for the head export. If the Ningheim race is only used by the player, you can try swapping the headpart record from vanilla to high poly in the mod itself to force it to use the high poly head as default. Vampire races (even in vanilla) have a lot of issues on its own with regards to head morphs and RaceMenu. Fixing those issues might be beyond the scope of this mod. @netchjelly If the follower is using only vanilla sliders for the head, then you can follow the usage directions in the description and just export new FaceGen data in the CK. Things get complicated if the follower is using a custom sculpted head mesh. In 3DS Max, the basic idea is to use the Morpher modifier on the vanilla base head mesh, set its morph to the sculpted follower head mesh, and then use the Skin Wrap modifier on the high poly base head mesh to deform with the vanilla base head mesh. As the vanilla base head mesh morphs into the sculpted follower head shape, the high poly head will also deform to match the follower's head shape. Some manual adjusts will be needed for the neck, eye sockets, and lips. @yag1z As mentioned in the description, the head parts need to be manually swapped in a custom .esp and then new FaceGen data needs to be generated in the CK. I contemplated on making a generic vanilla NPC replacer mod, but it'll invite a barrage of questions about black face and large download issues. @Biobob23 Vanilla head sculpts aren't compatible. They need to be redone using the high poly head. Texture mods made for the vanilla head meshes are compatible with the high poly head meshes.
  8. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    While it's possible for me to add a random texture feature on the current code, it may make the game unstable due to how I implemented the texture swap. I will need to find a safe way that works on both LE and SE.
  9. KouLeifoh

    High Poly Head

    @yag1z It's based on the vanilla male head mesh. So it's compatible with anything that uses it. I just changed the shader to match the body to fix the lighting issue that's present on the original head mesh. If you use a body mod that doesn't use the vanilla shader settings (like Dizona body), then you'll have to manually adjust the shader to make it compatible.
  10. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Random morphs can be easily done by using the format: [email protected]:Y where the morph MorphName is set to a random value (inclusively) between X (minimum morph value) and Y (maximum morph value). The resulting decimal values aren't truncated when viewed in RaceMenu. To keep it clean, I use the format: [email protected]|[email protected] where the morph MorphName is set to X value OR Y value. Random textures aren't possible with this mod since it'll require work on the user end to define what textures are available.
  11. KouLeifoh

    Download — High Poly Head

    @th3unkn0wn You're making it more complicated than it needs to be. All you need to do is add High Poly Head.esm as a master to CustomRaces.esp and then change the head part for the custom race record to the equivalent high poly head part from my mod (eg. 00KLH_FemaleHeadBreton "FemaleHeadBreton" [HDPT:XX000A08]). No other changes or files to copy needed. As for the RaceMenu sliders, you may need a custom races.ini (\meshes\actors\character\facegenmorphs\CustomRaces.esp\races.ini) to assign sliders to custom races if the RaceMenu sliders aren't available in-game. Since you mentioned that the extra RaceMenu sliders already work for the Citrus head, you may already have a custom races.ini for it.
  12. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    The arm and armpit hair overlays are tied to my texture addon. Once I get around to updating that mod, I'll be updating this mod as well.
  13. KouLeifoh

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Arm/armpit hair is still on my Todo list. The anus texture is there, but it's only visible during certain animations where the butt cheeks are spreaded apart (like a leg kick).
  14. KouLeifoh

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    The amulet weights are still vanilla. Redoing the weights for it would cause it to clip even more with the vanilla armor. It's a tedious task to redo the weights, let alone redo it for all armor. I've resigned myself to leave it as is since I'd rather work on other projects.
  15. KouLeifoh

    Screenshot Showoff Thread — Part 1

    Expressive Facial Animations has some exaggerated expressions, but the sad expression looks like the most emotive one.