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  1. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    The scaling feature being kept after loading a preset is just a visual bug. When you load a preset, all scaling and morphs will reset and changed according to the preset. The skeleton scaling will still appear to be in effect, but that's due to the cache. After loading a preset, save the game, exit to the title screen (to flush the cache), and then reload the save to see the actual preset in effect. XPMSE uses an alias script to change weapon styles and may not refresh upon loading a preset. PRT ENB with custom settings and ELFX for dramatic interior lighting.
  2. I almost forgot about that "bug" in the vanilla game. Both Altmer and Bosmer don't have a 1st person body defined in their NakedTorsoHighElf / NakedTorsoWoodElf records and will default to using the full body. Since the genital bones don't exist in the 1st person skeleton (SAM only uses a modified 3rd person skeleton), the game will crash when removing armor from either race. The solution was to add the missing 1st person body to those records and save as an .esp (used by full SAM but not SAM Light). I may need to see if I can modify the 1st person skeleton to avoid using the .esp as a fix.
  3. KouLeifoh

    KenDolls, SOS issue

    I'm confused here. Are you using SAM assets on SOS or using both SOS (full) and SAM (full) together? They simply don't play well together by design.
  4. That's not quite a vanilla setup. You have massive character/NPC overhauls with things like WICO which has its own compatibility issues.
  5. So morphs aren't an issue. Can you try installing with the "un-cut" option instead to see if there's an issue with the "underwear" option.
  6. Can you try running the game without RaceMenu (and skee64.dll) to see if the crashes still exist? Make sure you use a vanilla setup to eliminate possible conflicts from other mods. Other than the morph for the underwear version using the old format, I don't have any crashing issues. My testing was done on SE 1.5.39 and RaceMenu 0.2.4.
  7. Since you mentioned manually converting SAM Light from Oldrim, did you also convert the Auxbones used for genital animations to 64bit? The 32bit version for Oldrim isn't compatible with SE. My SAM Light installer has the Auxbones in both format depending on which base game you select. If you haven't done so already, download the latest version of SAM Light since that has the updated morphs required for my SAM Morphs mod. I don't recommend a manual install unless you know what you're doing.
  8. What I suggest doing is installing things one at a time and see when the crash occurs. The only difference between having armor equipped and being nude is the genital bones. SAM Light should work as-is without issues. SAM Morphs add another layer of complexity due to RaceMenu and its issues.
  9. KouLeifoh

    KenDolls, SOS issue

    I haven't used SOS in a long time, but the version I used implemented "revealing" armor by tagging individual armor as revealing in its MCM. Moving the genitals up and down seems like it's done by using NiOverride to move the genital bone. SAM handles the genitals differently than SOS. While both use slot 52 for it, SOS manages it by equipping/unequipping it dynamically while SAM simply changes its alpha. As for the underwear, SAM's underwear is part of the body slot 32 and is hidden by changing its alpha.
  10. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    The body going invisible is an issue with RaceMenu itself (specifically the skee.dll plugin). NiOverride had to be rewritten for SE with regards to meshes since the format got changed. If the body goes invisible while using the sliders, the best thing to do is restart the game. While the issue isn't common, it does happen. If it happens every single time, then something else is wrong. In this case, the only thing I can suggest is to do an incremental install and test to see if the sliders work properly before adding the next mod.
  11. SE was updated recently to 1.5.50. If you updated the game, you also need to get the updated SKSE64, RaceMenu, and any other SKSE plugins you may be using. I'm still on 1.5.39 for the time being due to the unknown future of HDT-SMP. Also, crashing while unequipping everything can be a sign of missing bones on the skeleton. Make sure you didn't overwrite SAM or XPMSE skeleton with a vanilla one.
  12. Same bloke, slightly different normal map. Skin pores on the face can be seen without the texture blur caused by heavy bloom/txaa. I still need to fix the lighting on the neck.
  13. KouLeifoh

    penis animation or hdt not working

    As mentioned, the skeletonbeast.nif is changed by that mod. That skeleton is shared by both Argonians and Khajiits. I've looked at the skeleton in that mod and it doesn't include any of the genital bones used by SAM. Installing XPMSE over it would defeat the purpose of the mod. If you still want to use it, the only solution is to manually copy over the genital bones using NifSkope. For the HDT physics stuff, you'll have to copy over the butt, breasts, and belly bones too.
  14. There's always the possibility of customizing specific NPC's instead of using a template. It just becomes very tedious going through a list of over 2k NPC's.
  15. KouLeifoh

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Morphs have a key attached to them to prevent overrides. SAM (full) morphs and BodyGen morphs use different keys. They won't conflict and will just add on top of each other. This mod is using the same key as BodyGen to allow BodyGen morphs to be viewed and changed in RaceMenu. I typically use weight 50 or 75 with a small range of 20-30 in Samson for muscles and -10 in Samuel if I want slightly slimmer hips. Normal maps make a difference too.