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  1. I've downloaded this mod ages ago. The textures are nice, but I just don't like the body shape and the fingers are a bit too feminine for my tastes. The assets are completely different and are not compatible with SAM. That's not to say that it's impossible to be used in some type of form. I tried out the hair meshes and they work fine in SE with HDT-SMP after converting the .nif files to SE format. They need to be reshaped for the vanilla head though.
  2. My Facegen data with 1k tintmasks is already at 5gb (compresses down to 1gb). I may upload a version of it for folks to use as a base once I finish converting the rest of the vanilla hair meshes to high poly.
  3. SAM (full version) is only for LE, not SE. I only support SAM Light for SE. SOS is a different mod with a completely different body mesh. They're not compatible. A hybrid setup is used at your own discretion. For SE, your ideal options are SAM Light and SAM Morphs for RaceMenu. SAM High Poly Conversion can be installed on top of that.
  4. Use the Google Drive mirror. It's the first link with random characters.
  5. I generated new Facegen data for 3559 NPC's with high poly head meshes and went people watching. A couple of screenshots really stood out.
  6. I cleaned up my custom xEdit scripts and made them as user friendly as possible. No need to manually add a master or input a load order. The scripts will do it automatically. I'm releasing it early for those that want to play around with it now without having to wait for the next update. HPH xEdit Scripts.zip Included in the archive are 3 scripts: Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas The basic idea is to use the scripts on a custom .esp that has a collection of NPC records. It can be created in xEdit by making deep copies (with overwrites) of all the NPC's in the vanilla masters (.esm) into a new .esp. From there, use Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas on the custom .esp to filter out any NPC race not supported by the High Poly Head mod (around 6500 NPC's cut down to around 3500). Then use Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas to auto swap all vanilla head part records to their high poly version. The values are hardcoded and custom head parts are not supported. Optionally, Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas can be used to copy over any NPC Protected status found on the plugins currently loaded in xEdit (like NPCs Protected Redux.esp). Once your custom .esp is fully modified, open it in the Creation Kit to export new Facegen data. This is required to see any changes in the game. While working on the scripts and exporting Facegen data, I noticed how much of an eyesore some of the clipping with the vanilla hair meshes can be. I decided to go ahead and convert all the vanilla hair meshes to high poly. Currently, all the human male hair meshes have been converted (some still need some manual tweaks). It'll take me awhile to finish the rest.
  7. @ kreiste Doing what @AOF suggests is one way around it. I might just have to change the check altogether to something that works for custom races as well. @mikaakim Some people opt to use my SAM Light texture add-on for the extra textures that aren't used by the installer. It's entirely up to you.
  8. The sunken vampire face option is not needed either if you're using EFM.
  9. @ScarecroOw Like any custom race, you will run into issues in one form or another. That mod changes so many things with races. To keep its design intact, you'll have to modify each head part record and change the path for the vanilla assets to the high poly head. @darksynth0 Both Aesthetic Elves and EFM make changes to the racial morphs. They can't be used at the same time. Since EFM also comes with a modified mouth mesh, it's recommended to only use one or the other. The HPH installer lists the options in the same order the files will be overwritten. I can update the installer to make it easier to see which options are compatible and which aren't.
  10. @Elixage As I've mentioned before (and it's in the description of this mod), textures are not included. You'll have to provide them yourself and rename them accordingly.
  11. Alexander is using a modified Nord race. This custom race doesn't have the playable flag and will fail the check.
  12. I didn't change any of the textures. If you're using custom cubemaps, the difference might be why it's now more noticeable.
  13. @Soulmancer When you install High Poly Head with a mod manager, select the option in the installer for loose files for Facegen creation. This is all that's needed to properly generate NPC Facegen data. The easiest way to create your NPC mod is to have your mod use High Poly Head.esm as a master. Assume your NPC mod is named Mod.esp and the NPC has the Editor ID 00123456. Facegen will create 2 files: meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\Mod.esp\00123456.nif (head/eyes/mouth/brows/beard/etc meshes) textures\actors\character\facegendata\facetint\Mod.esp\00123456.dds (head tint mask/makeup/etc texture) The folder Mod.esp varies depending on the origin of your NPC (eg. Skyrim.esm if it's a vanilla NPC that you're modifying). When you're ready to package your mod for release, you only need Mod.esp and the 2 files generated by Facegen in the same folder structure above. People using your mod will need to have the High Poly Head mod installed. Nothing else needs to be done since all assets will be provided already. Creating your mod as a standalone is really for advanced modders. It involves creating duplicate records of all the head parts you'll be using and then changing the folder structure to avoid conflicts. Assets like .tri morphs for facial animations will also need to be packaged with the mod. I don't want people to package my entire mod with theirs when they're only using a few assets from it.
  14. SAM Morphs for RaceMenu doesn't support custom races. You can modify the .esp to remove the check for playable races.
  15. EFM will overwrite Aesthetic Elves. It seems like the eyes and mouth don't have racial morphs. So, it may be possible to have Aesthetic Elves overwrite EFM for racial morphs while still using EFM's chargen features. If that's the case, I'll modify my installer for a future update. It appears you're playing on SE. There's a rendering issue with the eyes after switching to the high poly head mesh in the same RaceMenu session. To fix this, close RaceMenu and open it again. This is a RaceMenu SE bug.
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