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  1. This particular lighting in the vampire castle really makes my skin textures pop.
  2. The SAM Morphs for RaceMenu mod does not include textures for the SAM Texture tab (it's literally in the description). The issue you're having is when you're trying to use textures you don't actually have (body turns purple for missing diffuse, flat for missing normal, super shiny for missing specular). Leave them all at zero and use the SAM Morphs config spell to reset all textures as a last resort. If the issue persists, then it's caused by another mod or a RaceMenu preset.
  3. Here's a temporary Google Drive mirror of the current version (v1.5).
  4. @vyrmina When you manually swap the head mesh back to high poly as a vampire, that seems to introduce other bugs. It's likely due to the game engine and how head mesh swapping was implemented by RaceMenu. The general solution is to close RaceMenu after head swapping and then open it again. There isn't much else I can do about it. @Kitrexx Since you're using the vanilla Nord race, there should already be a Face Part slider that goes up to value 2 (value 0/1 is the vanilla head mesh, value 2 is the vampire vanilla head mesh). My high poly head mod will add 2 more to that list (high poly versions of value 1 and 2). If the Face Part slider doesn't change from zero, then RaceMenu isn't fully working (possibly a load order or version issue).
  5. @Nachtigall Miseme The weights are meant for bounces/jiggles only, not mesh scaling. @eterniia The belly bounces only slightly (vertically) and that's intentional. It can be easily tested using Samuel morph and toggling sneak animation.
  6. @Oozaru85 The short answer is no. I don't want to circumvent permission issues and have it available for only a select few.
  7. It's Leon's hair from RE2R that I ported for personal use. I have a few other hair meshes that are in the same boat. After taking a break from Skyrim to play other games, I nearly forgot about what I was working on. Don has been waiting for the update since before the pandemic. 😄
  8. EFM replaces the vanilla morphs. So, it's not really possible to tell by just looking at the preset in a text editor. Vortex might be looking for a specific mod structure in the .zip file. I don't personally use a mod manager, but I do test all of my mods in MO2 for any installation issues. Try changing weight/equipment to force a refresh. I don't have that issue with using the high poly head mod with HDT-SMP. The vampire fix just removes the vampire "overlay" to the head mesh on vanilla races to prevent the high poly head from changing back to the vanilla head mesh. Only vanilla races are supported by RaceMenu out of the box. If you're using a custom race, it needs some changes to make any of the extra sliders in RaceMenu to work. Only RaceMenu is supported since it allows the head mesh to be changed in-game.
  9. It's just the default SAM underwear that I retextured.
  10. The SAM Light Texture Add-on is meant for SAM Light, not the original SAM. The original SAM uses a script to auto swap textures whenever you change player weight, equipment, morphs, etc.
  11. @BrianShinn Use the included high poly vanilla hair meshes. That will fix the clipping issues on the high poly head mesh. @bimbobuddhist If you select Expressive Facegen Morphs in the installer, then you also need the original mod since it includes morphs for the eyes. Also, if you're using eye mods that include their own meshes/morphs, they may not be compatible with Expressive Facegen Morphs. @Oozaru85 Adding internal support for the ECE sliders won't be difficult, but the slider data for them need to exist for RaceMenu without permission issues.
  12. Are you playing on LE or SE? On SE, that happens if you have both HDT-SMP and CBPC enabled.
  13. I blended the vanilla Orc face normal maps (original 512x512, cleaned and upscaled to 2k) with my custom ones and they look much better. Also added some color to the veins and started working on custom body hair. The preview images continue to blur out all the small details I added to the skin textures. 🙃
  14. @ezfreee I used the original .tri files as the base for my high poly conversions. As a test, I extracted the original femaleheadchargen.tri, rebuilt the .tri without any changes. and tested it in-game. The resulting vanilla nose#9 is the exact same shape as my high poly version. So, there's a bug with either the original .tri file or how 3rd party programs are reading it. It's a pain to fix it since it'll require a RaceMenu export along with some modified .tri files to preserve the nose shape on export (assuming the vanilla nose shape is desired over the current high poly nose shape). It's something I can work on for a future update.
  15. These look nice and I recognize the struggle of projection painting 🤡
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