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  1. The process is a bit technical. The basic idea is to add the custom morphs to the existing *chargen.tri files as an additional type (eg. NoseType6). The custom race will then need to be modified accordingly for this. This should allow you to use custom morphs on the vanilla sliders regardless of which RaceMenu version you're using. The caveat is that you won't be able to simultaneously use other morphs on the same slider (eg NoseType1 + custom NoseType6).
  2. It's a simple enough conversion. In fact, it didn't take me that long to do so. I'll include it as an option in a future update. In the meantime, I'll add it here for anyone who wants to use it now without having to wait. High Poly Head - Aesthetic Elves.zip
  3. If the NPC is made with this mod as a master, then all animations will work fine. If the NPC is made as a standalone, then the .tri files included with this mod are required for animations to work.
  4. You have to manually install the extra textures from my SAM Light Texture Add-on and rename them for SAM Morphs to load them. It's all mentioned in the description for the SAM Morphs mod.
  5. If you have the textures for them, SAM Morphs' texture feature lets you replace the full body texture of any SAM compatible NPC. Awhile back, I added a separate genital texture swap in a private build before shifting focus to working on the high poly head mod. The idea was to let SAM Light use a separate high res texture for the genitals for screenarchery. It essentially morphs SAM Light's genital to original SAM (just shy of having full genital management for things like standalone underwear and revealing armor).
  6. I recommend using a mod manager (Mod Organizer, Nexus Mod Manager, etc) to install any mod. It'll just make life easier.
  7. Open RaceMenu, go to the Head tab, and change the Face Part slider to 2 (beast races) or 3 (human races) to switch to the high poly head.
  8. The brows are there on the Brows slider, but eye lashes are part of the eye mesh which isn't covered by this mod.
  9. Your custom SkinNaked armor is probably overriding the default armor used by the werewolf race when transformed. Try adding the NakedTorsoWerewolfBeast [ARMA:000CDD87] armor-addon to your custom SkinNaked armor. This should allow the player's werewolf transformation to use a werewolf-race compatible armor-addon. A similar thing will be needed for Vampire Lord as well (DLC1NakedVampireLord [ARMA:020023F4]).
  10. I don't remember turning invisible as a werewolf when I last played the Companions questline. The original SAM uses a custom mesh and morphs for werewolves and has a script to manage them. SAM Light doesn't touch werewolves or use any scripts. Check to make sure you're not using a mod that changes the player NPC record. There are some that change the player's default body to a custom one.
  11. Speaking of old screenshots, my characters and ENB choices changed over the years as my modding aspirations evolved. I have a lot of random screenshots, but I picked a notable one from each year starting from 2016 (release of SE). It seems there's a large number of us who spends more time modding than actually playing the game.
  12. It just won't be compatible with the updated version I've been working on.
  13. Elves fall under the human category since they share the same head mesh as other races in the same category. Human: Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Nord, Redguard, Orc, and Wood Elf Beast: Argonian and Khajiit The categories are based purely on the 3D models, not lore. Dremora and Elder races also share the same head mesh as the human category.
  14. I may have found a proper fix to prevent the head mesh from reverting back to vanilla when changing to a vampire race. It involves removing the Overlay Head Part List flag from vampire races (of the vanilla playable races). This can be easily done in xEdit (copy vampire races as overrides into a new .esp file, remove the Overlay Head Part List flag, and save). I'll include the fix as an option in the next update along with high poly head meshes for Khajiit and Argonian races.
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