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  1. That's basically it. When you save the first time after disabling bodygen and body morphs, the skse co-save should be smaller since morphs are no longer saved. They will be reapplied with new values from the template/morph ini files once bodygen and body morphs are re-enabled.
  2. After disabling BodyGen and BodyMorphs, load the save to confirm that the morphs have been removed by using the target spell. Disabling those options should have cleared all morphs from the skse co-save.
  3. That's a RaceMenu slider head morph for elf ears. I added support for that along with ear presets for males for my high poly head mod.
  4. It shouldn't have that much of an impact on a modern system. By comparison, NPC overhauls that swap out the vanilla hair mesh with custom ones (Apachii, KS, etc) generally have a higher poly count than my head meshes. If those overhauls don't cause performance issues, then the high poly head meshes shouldn't be an issue either.
  5. Compared to my other big mods, I didn't think this one would be an issue for downloading. Here's a temporary Google Drive mirror for the latest version.
  6. I see what the problem is now (no pun intended). There's a rendering issue whenever RaceMenu swaps head meshes. RaceMenu is possibly not updating them correctly. The morphs themselves are fine though. To fix the rendering issue, just close RaceMenu and open it again to properly update the head mesh.
  7. The plan is to have the user select one as the default during installation and then add the rest as optional textures to be applied using my SAM Morphs plugin for RaceMenu.
  8. Unless there's a difference between the sliders included with RaceMenu for LE and SE (I used RaceMenu SE sliders as a base for the head), they should be interchangable when swaping between the vanilla head and the high poly head.
  9. @darksynth0 @wotwot Support will be added in a future update but not before a male version of the mod. I want to keep them grouped together and limit the amount of frequent small updates for a mod such as this. @Mogenshin Yes, it should work fine with the vanilla eye mesh. Importing presets with sculpt data meant for the vanilla head mesh will also cause issues. Ideally, the test should be done on a new character with the vanilla head mesh to isolate any possible issues with presets/eyes. There are some mods that modify both the vanilla head and eye morphs. Swapping one of them will break those mods.
  10. The XPMSE RaceMenu plugin adds its own set of sliders (mainly used for general skeleton scaling and weapon positioning). It is not related at all to my mod which focuses specifically on SAM.
  11. @babix They're not compatible. That mod is for the original vanilla head mesh. I may eventually add support for it once there's a male version and updates have stabilized since it takes awhile to convert all the morphs, especially for males due to beards.
  12. @mithindis The mane isn't actually attached to the head mesh. It just floats there and uses alpha blending to hide the neck seam by simulating overlapping fur. I had to split them for separate conversions and didn't want the mane to deviate too much from the base shape. The mane can be manually smoothed, but I'll need to figure out how to do it without having to redo all the morphs since they're just deltas from a base shape. @Disciple Dark I haven't extensively tested it myself, but there may be an issue with overhaul mods that require the High Poly Head as a master due to how ESL is loaded at the opposite end (0xFE instead of 0x00). If you don't use such mods, the ESM/ESL format should be fine.
  13. BodyGen requires exact morph values. Variables can't be used to auto apply morphs to all NPC's on a whim. Since I've been getting similar requests for certain features of the full SAM, some of them can be implemented if I expand the custom texture feature to also include morphs and scaling. This may just end up having the same overhead though.
  14. The easiest approach would be to just use my mod as a master and a requirement. However, if you want to make your overhaul as a standalone, only include assets that were actually used by the overhaul. I just don't want people to merge my entire mod with theirs and call it a day (especially if only one beard is used out of the 46 covered).
  15. It's a lot of work for a mod that I don't personally use. At a quick glance, it uses a custom skeleton and duplicate meshes for dismembered armor/body parts (some of which are reskinned to use new bones only found on the custom skeleton). Every armor refit would need to have dismembered versions if the swap from SAM to vanilla on dismemberment is too jarring.
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