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  1. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    That xml is just my own personal preference. The values used for the female body are more dramatic and work better for a body type like Samuel. You can try changing the linear Z limits and dampening values in the constraints for the belly to make the bounce more noticeable.
  2. It's been awhile since I looked at it, but you can change the initial values in the .esp. Just use xEdit and follow the screenshot below to find the exact location. Change the Bool value from True to False.
  3. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    Did you try the xml I posted earlier? It merges all the relevant male stuff into one and doesn't require equipping any object or using any extra .esp file. The only difference is that the "top" in your setup has different collision settings for the hands than the "bottom" one whereas I kept them the same for mine.
  4. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    The xml I posted is for HDT-PE (Oldrim) only. Simply install it after my HDT-BBB mod to get it working. HDT-SMP uses an entirely different xml structure and physics engine. So the values do not transfer over. I'm still looking through reference mods to figure out a way to add collisions properly. The free-flying scrotum is becoming comical at this point.
  5. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    After spending so much time trying to get the right settings for collisions to work on HDT-PE, I used your xml's as a guide and managed to get them to work on my HDT BBB mod. It was a matter of setting the right collision groups and primitive shapes. I've really only tested the scrotum and it doesn't clip through the penis anymore. I've attached the xml for the "global" version of my mod based on the default bounce settings for you guys to test the collisions for the butt, belly, and breasts (I avoided calling them pecs in my HDT-BBB acronym due to the confusion with the other acronyms TBBP and BBP 😅). If they're good, I'll make some minor weight adjustments and include them in the next update. HDTPE-test1.zip
  6. It seems like you're making this more complicated than it should be. From what I understand, the basic idea behind the WNAM (Worn Armor) record is that it acts as the base body for a particular race. The base body has all the body parts needed (body, hands, feet, tail for beasts). The armor-addons associated with them attach a mesh and skin texture swap to each body part. When you apply the WNAM to an NPC record, you override its racial one. This is essentially what the Unique Character mod does. It creates a copy of "SkinNaked" (base body) and its relevant armor-addons (with modified mesh + textures paths) and applies this base body to the player character record only. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the skin texture swap occurs when a mesh uses the skin shader and occupies the same biped slot as a base body part. This seems to be how gloves with hand meshes included will have the correct skin texture based on race. Using the same concept, you can probably apply it to genital textures as well. I'm not sure of the priority used for texture swaps found on both equipped body part and its base, but the safest way is to create "invisible" genital armor-addons for human/argonian/khajiit races (matching SOS settings) and attach them to the original "SkinNaked" and "SkinNakedBeast" armor. Then create a copy of them (modified only) to apply to the player character. You have to remove the texture swaps from the genital armor-addons on the .esp of SOS to avoid priority issues. All of this can be done as a separate patch and loaded after SOS. For Oldrim players using the full SAM, this method does not work. SAM scripts will dynamically change skin textures based on MCM settings.
  7. That depends on how SOS has it set up. Does it use the texture paths from the .nif or swap textures from the list in the .esp?
  8. Something like that is doable for the body but not the head due to facial morphs. You can try to use something like Conformulator to generate the morphs, but it'll always require manual edits. I tried making 3d facial hair, but some of the hair strands ended up in the back of the head after using that tool. I'm too much of a perfectionist and tend to notice the smaller details that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. A good normal map will definately help the quality, sometimes more often than a higher vertex count.
  9. The Citrus high poly head for male has a lot of issues. I ended up ditching it back in Oldrim. For the longest time, I've been using a male high poly head mesh created by "Erik". You'll have to google it since the original Russian site doesn't have it anymore. It looks much better than the Citrus head, but there are a few minor issues with morphs. The Dizona high poly head is the exact same one except that it added high poly beards (which still clips through the face ?). I have a setup where only my player character uses the high poly head. Using it for vanilla NPC's requires generating all 2gb+ head meshes again in the CK. I ported it from Uncharted 4 for personal use. I've been using Majestic Mountains and haven't looked back since. The prebaked AO makes a big difference.
  10. KouLeifoh

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    The HDT body still has flaws. I'll go back and fine tune it later once I figure out what else to include in the next update.
  11. I spent more time on these than I'd like to admit. Had to edit the nose and mouth in 3DS Max to get them looking just right.
  12. KouLeifoh

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    The issue for me is finding a setup that works since a lot of the time, collisions are configured for interactions with the female body only. The reason I added the "actor" version is because of this (female body being global default while everything else is an afterthought). I'd rather not be part of this issue that plagues the modding community. At the very least, I want to add collisions to the scrotum so it doesn't constantly clip through the penis during movement.
  13. I've been a member of the Nexus since 2007, and over the years, I've seen a lot of male mods face hostility and hatred from insecure dudes who want to preach their religion when it's convenient (they have no issues with two hot girls going at it). Somehow they have the idea that their local free speech laws supersede the Nexus' own TOS. Whenever I try to bring up this issue of inequality among male vs female mods, the strawman argument gets thrown my way by people pointing to prominent male mods such as SoS or SAM while conveniently leaving out thousands of female mods. While this behavior isn't exclusive to the Nexus, I just find it discouraging with this double standard. There's been this weird shift in the past decade or so on female representation in games. They've been more or less treated as eye candy almost exclusively. I was surprised when I played Soul Calibur for the first time and saw Taki's thighs jiggle whenever she moved. If we tried to do the same thing to male characters, people would throw a fit. One can argue that we need more people to make and vocally support these rare male mods (which I understand is what you're trying to do), but for people with my mindset, the minor negatives tend to overshadow the overwhelming positives. tldr; Until people can learn to be respectful individuals, I refuse to upload my mods to the Nexus. The monetization system they added recently is another issue altogether.
  14. KouLeifoh

    Download — SAM High Poly Conversion

    I have some free time this month, so I'm hoping to get around to doing that along with a few other things. Also, being Pride month is more of an incentive for me.
  15. KouLeifoh

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    The best thing to do would be to reinstall my mod to make sure it's not an issue with the HDT-PE body mesh/xml being missing or overwritten.