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  1. KouLeifoh

    How to edit body/foot seams

    That depends on if the seams are on the meshes or the textures. Seams on Meshes This issue is sub-divided into two parts: mesh and skinning data. Fixing the mesh can be fairly easy if you have some experience with 3D modeling. My program of choice is 3DS Max. I would import all relevant meshes (in this case, the body + feet meshes), turn on vertex snapping, and manually move the problematic vertices in the feet to where they should meet the legs on the body mesh. Skinning data on the other hand requires more work and some manual labor. Vertex weights and bone transformations on connecting meshes need to be the same. For vertex weights (while in 3DS Max with the fixed meshes from above), what I normally do is extract the weights from the base (in this case, the body mesh) and transfer them to the overlapping vertices in the feet mesh. For bone transformations, I'd use SAM's malebody_1.nif as the base in Nifskope and copy over the relevant bone transformations (calf and foot bones in your case) to the skinning data of the body and feet meshes. Seams on Textures The best way to go about this is to use projection painting. It's basically painting directly on a 3D model without having to worry about UV seams. There are several programs that will let you do this, but I tend to go with a combination of 3D Coat + Photoshop. I would load the meshes + textures, position the camera over the area I want to fix, export the projection to Photoshop, paint by hand using Photoshop tools, and then auto import the changes. Once I'm satisfied with the changes, I can export the final textures. All of this can be done with just 3D Coat since it has paint tools, but I'm more comfortable painting in Photoshop. Of course, these suggestions are based on my own personal experience. There are other programs that can be used for 3D Modeling (Blender, Maya) and projection painting (ZBrush, Mari, etc), but I don't have enough experience using them.
  2. The armor design looks similar to the Imperial armor but with less skirt and sleeves. I'm sure the Imperial armor (or even General Tullius' armor) can be modified a bit to get some design parity with that artwork.
  3. It's really simple. Just follow the image below. Make sure the source and destination have the same number in Num Vertices. Open both the modified mesh and original mesh in 2 different instances of Nifskope. With Vertices selected in the bottom circle (modified mesh), press ctrl + c to copy the entire array of vertices. Do the same on the original mesh, but press ctrl + p this time to paste the entire array. If done correctly, the 3D model window should now show the modified mesh. If this is a refit for SAM, make sure to also copy the NiStringExtraData node for the morph file location. This only applies to Oldrim. SE has a completely different format.
  4. Outfit Studio does not load transformations in skinning data. If you then export that mesh, its skinning data will be different than the original. To get around this, I'd use Nifskope to only copy the changed vertices in the exported mesh to replace the original ones. Keep in mind that without transformations, some meshes may appear off-center or rotated in Outfit Studio.
  5. KouLeifoh

    SAM for SE Hopeless?

    The dynamic morphing is a feature of nioverride. SAM applied this idea to Samson/Samuel body types. Porting the bodygen feature of nioverride to SE rests entirely on Expired. Whether or not that'll happen before ES6 is anyone's guess. Even without this feature, SAM is still good as a basic body replacer. My Skyrim projects are currently on hold. There are a few games I'm trying to finish before I wipe everything and upgrade my system. This summer heat isn't making things easy. In the meantime, I'll still try to answer questions anyone might have. Also, I have my own issues with the Dizona body. 😅
  6. KouLeifoh

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    I had a discussion about that here.
  7. KouLeifoh

    Need help with editing body

    SAM uses the same nif location as vanilla. So that can't be an issue. Aside from morphs, SAM also does skeleton scaling based on Samson/Samuel values (and class settings for NPC's). Try disabling only the SAM .esp to test. Also as a bit of an extreme, replace malebody_1 with your custom malebody_0 renamed.
  8. There's a Partitions tab in the top right of Outfit Studio that you can try playing around with. Maybe someone with more experience with Outfit Studio can chime in. For skin partitions, I normally just import the mesh into 3DS Max, create the partition(s), and then export.
  9. KouLeifoh

    Need help with editing body

    Did you test with weight 0 and naked? That should show any immediate changes you've made to the mesh. Keep in mind that Samson/Samuel morphs are deltas from malebody_1.
  10. KouLeifoh

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    From what I understand, ECE only has facegen features. There's no real replacement for nioverride. It's still a waiting game for if/when bodygen gets added to skee.
  11. KouLeifoh

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    To be clear, SAM requires the nioverride plugin, not RaceMenu. Installing both would be redundant for Oldrim players since RaceMenu already includes the nioverride plugin. The official RaceMenu mod on the Nexus is for Oldrim only. The included nioverride plugin will not work on SKSE64. This can be easily checked in the SKSE64 logs. Without that plugin, all the advanced features like bodygen, face sculpt, overlays, etc will not work. The one on github is the official/unfinished port of just the plugin. Don't get me wrong. I've been using RaceMenu + skee on SSE for the longest time now for importing custom head sculpt data exported from Oldrim. Without bodygen support in skee, SAM morphs will not work in SSE.
  12. KouLeifoh

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    As I mentioned elsewhere, the current port of NiOverride for SSE that RaceMenu relies on is incomplete (no bodygen support means no morphs). SAM won't be able to detect it since it looks for "nioverride" but the plugin has been internally renamed to "skee" for SSE.
  13. KouLeifoh

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    It replaces the base male body/hands/feet meshes and affects player character and all male npc's by default when no armor/gloves/boots are equipped.
  14. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    That xml is just my own personal preference. The values used for the female body are more dramatic and work better for a body type like Samuel. You can try changing the linear Z limits and dampening values in the constraints for the belly to make the bounce more noticeable.
  15. It's been awhile since I looked at it, but you can change the initial values in the .esp. Just use xEdit and follow the screenshot below to find the exact location. Change the Bool value from True to False.