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  1. Testing custom eye meshes with tinted eyelashes to match hair color while also fixing the annoying transparent eyes bug with ENB under certain lighting.
  2. @zhayan13 I'm running a hybrid setup with the AE update (v1.6.318) along with SkyrimSE.exe and binkw64.dll from the previous version (v1.5.97). CC content from the AE update like fishing and survival mode work fine with the 40 SKSE plugins I use. Unlike the previous updates, I suspect that the only change in the .exe was a compiler update, but only time will tell. With that being said, I do have a full backup of v1.5.97 if a rollback is needed.
  3. @HiroHaro ESL flagged mods are loaded differently from other mods in xEdit. The code I used in my script to detect load order will fail.
  4. It's not the end of the world like some people are making it out to be. I've already applied the AE update just to stop Steam from nagging me about it.
  5. @David Richard Correct. The same applies to all mods that rely on RaceMenu. @Billkwando It seems you're adamant on doing everything except the one thing I suggested: update the NPC records. As you have stated, that was created for the low poly head. It's telling the game that you're using the low poly head/brow meshes and, more importantly, the low poly head/brow morphs. The "beam" you keep seeing is the game trying to use the low poly head/brow morphs with my high poly head/brow meshes. They're not compatible.
  6. @HiroHaro The ESL flag is not supported. @dbrown39 @David Richard It's up to Expired to update RaceMenu (specifically its skee.dll plugin). While the source code for it is available on github, I don't know if it's updated nor do I want to touch it. @Billkwando When modifying an NPC's appearance, both the FaceGen data (.nif) and the NPC head part records (.esp) must match. Otherwise, there will be the infamous black face issue (invalid facetint) or mesh distortion (invalid morphs). It looks like you changed the FaceGen but didn't update the NPC records.
  7. SKSE is one thing, but RaceMenu would also need an update.
  8. @David Richard It looks like you're using a custom head morph/sculpt in your preset that isn't supported by my high poly head mod. @JUKIT My load order detection code doesn't support ESL flags. Also, never run the script on masters. The intent is to run it on a patch created by the user (copy NPC records as Overrides into a new .esp). @Billkwando Using the CK method won't work on custom NPCs that use a sculpted head mesh. The CK will only generate FaceGen based on head morphs. You'll have to manually sculpt it using Outfit Studio, Blender, or 3DS Max. @Neisa It's literally in the description of this mod.
  9. @KRou705 The genital/underwear option you pick during installation will be the default used in-game. @Asterios Aside from one texture option (default hybrid genital hair + smooth body), the rest are from the original SAM.
  10. I used the vanilla files as a base. It looks like a partition issue which can be easily fixed in 3DS Max. Before I went on hiatus, I finished adding support for Ethereal Elven Overhaul (not fully tested) and started converting the rest of the vanilla beards (1bit and unused) to high poly for consistency. It'll be awhile before the next update is ready.
  11. Due to the way I start the cloak effect for managing texture swapping, you need to use the SAM Morphs power to change textures instead of the full RaceMenu. Once that cloak effect is active, you can safely change player textures in the full RaceMenu. Keep in mind that if no texture slider is used for the player/NPC, the cloak effect will be removed for performance reasons. I'll change the logic and expand its functionality in a future update.
  12. I don't use a mod manager, but if replacing the textures installed in MO2 doesn't work, you may have to manually install them in the Skyrim folder.
  13. @burundio Those are added by the normal map texture (specifically for Breton race). There isn't much you can do other than manually editing the texture or using a different one entirely. Since you're using my SAM Light texture add-on, the next update will include different levels of vanilla normal map details for each race.
  14. I don't mind the overall head shape that much, but what bothers me the most is the eye shape. They look so alien compared to other medival-fantasy games. If you just want to make some minor edits, Outfit Studio has come a long way and can be used to quickly edit head .tri files. The eyes/mouth meshes do not have racial morphs. As a proof of concept, I merged the racial morphs for elves/nords (50% each) for each elven race while keeping the slim elven base head and ears (all done in 3DS Max). This is the resulting Dark Elf with some minor adjustments. The normal map is a blend of a smooth map with the vanilla map. On a side note, I managed to create functional 3D eyelashes while trying to decouple the eyelash hair cards from the eye mesh. They're not really practical for gameplay since they have nearly the same amount of vertices as the high poly head mesh. 🙃
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