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  1. I've tested it in a vacuum with just my HDT BBB mod and FloppySOS and they work just fine. As I've mentioned before, if existing bones in both mods get redefined by another HDT mod, the physics will go out of control. Also, FloppySOS can glitch and cause the genitals flail all over the place until other animations force the physics to reset.
  2. The beards took an absurd amount of time to convert (46 beards x 178 morphs each). I also tried converting the extended RaceMenu sliders, but only a small amount of them work. Except for the elf ears, the rest will have to wait until I figure some things out.
  3. It should work just fine since they share a lot of the same assets with humans and khajiit/argonian claws are included. The best test is to strip naked and see if all body parts are visible.
  4. It doesn't matter since I generally prefer using something I created. Erik's head mesh has a minor issue with eye sockets and mouth gaps, but it's not as bad as the Citrus head. I used hard edges/creases in those areas to prevent them from deforming. Besides, through this learning process, I created a setup in 3DS Max to convert the 150+ head morphs into high poly head meshes that share the same vertex count/order. This opens the door to allow me to potentially convert custom sculpted vanilla male head meshes (like those from Males of Skyrim) into a high poly head that's compatible with mine. ?
  5. After countless attempts, I finally made a fully functional high poly male head mesh based on the vanilla mesh. It looks a bit similar to Erik's head mesh, but there are subtle differences and mine has a slightly higher poly count. I made it partially to see if I can actually do it and to avoid the permission issues of using someone else's head mesh in my own mods. A couple of comparison shots between vanilla and my high poly head mesh. I want to convert the vanilla brows/beards/scars for the head mesh first before making it public.
  6. CBBE-SMP xml files are for HDT-SMP. Those are what I'm referring to. If CBBE-SMP works for you, then it's not a localization problem. The latest SE version is 1.5.97. HDT-SMP hasn't been officially updated for it yet. I'm confused on what isn't working for you if you can already use CBBE-SMP. Also, the CBBE body for SE doesn't use the belly node.
  7. You need to provide more details. Which Skyrim are you playing (LE/SE)? Which SAM are you using (original, Light, HDT BBB, high poly, etc)?
  8. CBP might be handling the belly node differently. As for HDT-SMP, make sure you're using the correct version of it for your game version. The recent update for SE broke a lot of SKSE-based mods. If you use an EU localized OS, the HDT-SMP xml might not work due to how "," and "." are handled.
  9. That's a known issue with RaceMenu itself. The game will eventually crash if you continue playing. Just close the game and restart it whenever that happens.
  10. That's caused by the normal map used by SAM. It's a modified version of Geonox's face textures. The cheekbones are really pronouced as an artistic style. If you don't like them, you can either edit the texture yourself or use a different SAM compatible head texture.
  11. I gave the COR head mesh a try. I really tried, but I just can't get past those cartoony eyes. The extra head sliders are nice, but everything just feels.. bubbly and shiny like a porcelain doll. It's not for me, but to each their own. I made a quick head texture patch to blend the COR head textures with my SAM Light texture addon. Just copy&paste COR head textures and enable the corresponding layers. You'll have to copy over the glossiness/specular/lighting values from the SAMBody mesh to the COR head mesh with Nifskope to fix the lighting mismatch. COR_malehead_template.zip
  12. I tried importing the genital animations into 3DS Max and they're a mess. There's a consistency issue with relative/absolute keyframe transformations due to how the genital bones behavior graphs were implemented. I stitched together the keyframes to recreate the final animation frame as best I could in 3DS Max and then exported the resulting genital meshes. To make things easier, I created morph sliders to use in Outfit Studio and repainted the weights to have the mesh function in-game without the penis bones (02-06). Don't combine the erect/flaccid sliders. The flaccid2 slider is a slightly packed version meant to be used with underwear. The Genital UV slider changes the UV mapping from SAM Light (included) to SAM. The erect/flaccid sliders are not compatible with my RaceMenu genital morphs due to how they were created. If there's enough interest, I can regenerate those morphs for each erect/flaccid state. Consider this as a genital resource with open permissions. SAM Light Genitals resource.zip
  13. No, these are standalone towels that I ported myself. If you worry about .esp slot usage, I recommend combining small mods that only add cosmetic items or inconsequential changes into a single mod. If you play on SE, there's the option of converting it into .esl format to bypass .esp limit. Also, how did this mod already have over 688k views in such a short amount of time. ?
  14. SKSE isn't available on consoles. A basic body replacer is the only thing that can be done assuming the console allows custom assets to be used.
  15. That head mesh is actually from DAZ3D that's been ported (with full permission) for Skyrim. While it does look nice, the different UV layout makes it not compatible with anything else. While I can make a texture patch for it, it'll just be a lot of work for a very specific use considering COR is setup as a custom race. I've been using the high poly head mesh by Erik for a few years now. It's based on the vanilla head mesh but has slightly more poly than the COR head. While a high poly count is nice, good texture quality matters too.
  16. I'm under the impression that @prisinka wants a static flaccid genital mesh that doesn't rely on a secondary skeleton using a static animation (SAM/SOS already does this with behavior graphs for erection states). The intent is to use the mesh in 3DS Max/Blender/etc to create armor/underwear that can be form-fitted around a flaccid genital.
  17. The issue for me has always been the closed source for the ShapeAtlasForMen.dll SKSE plugin. I'm under the impression that it's owned by B3lisario and isn't publicly available. That's what led me to develop the RaceMenu morph plugin as an alternative. With regards to the future and ES6, modding Skyrim (and modding in general) has always been my escape that I find enjoyable. I plan on carrying that fervor into ES6 whenever it's finally released.
  18. You need to import the full skeleton first before importing the genital mesh. Then load the animation after that. Sometimes it can be hit or miss depending on the skeleton.
  19. What I'd do is load the genital mesh and SOSFlaccid animation into 3DS Max, run the animation to get the genital in a flaccid state, and then convert the genital into an editable mesh. This will keep the flaccid genital but destroy all skinning data. From there, it's just a matter of reskinning it without the penis bones.
  20. You're using another HDT-PE mod that conflicts with mine. That behavior occurs when bones are defined/keyframed more than once. Since I've only tested it extensively on the high poly body, it's a compromise between functionality and aesthetics. In the previous version, the sharp edges are highly noticeable. I reduced it by pushing the vertex weights for the clavicles away from the breast area. The female bodies can hide this boundary under the folds of their often large breasts. The bounce/jiggles are based on my own preference. The thighs don't jiggle the same way the butt/breasts do. The belly bounce is a balance between having no bounce and some bounce. Armor needs to be weight painted correctly to support physics.
  21. Grab the toenail/fingernail texture resources in the download, edit them however you want, and then paste them into your current body/hand textures. The genital hotfix isn't needed for SAM Light.
  22. It's easier to just use in-game morphs than to go through all that trouble of creating a custom race just for one body type. SAM Light by itself is just a basic body replacer. My RaceMenu mod will enable body morphs on SAM Light. SAM armor refits are required to see any of the morphs though.
  23. Version 1.0


    Bath towels for SAM ported from The Witcher 3. These towels are meant to be used on a nude/underwear SAM body. Available for both LE and SE. Towels Acquisition Bath towels can be freely crafted from any tanning rack. Known Issues some clipping during movement and certain animations towels do not scale with genitals (large genitals will clip through towels) towels will clip through physics-enabled bodies Credits to CD Projekt for The Witcher 3
  24. View File Bath Towels for SAM Bath towels for SAM ported from The Witcher 3. These towels are meant to be used on a nude/underwear SAM body. Available for both LE and SE. Towels Acquisition Bath towels can be freely crafted from any tanning rack. Known Issues some clipping during movement and certain animations towels do not scale with genitals (large genitals will clip through towels) towels will clip through physics-enabled bodies Credits to CD Projekt for The Witcher 3 Submitter KouLeifoh Submitted 11/18/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
  25. Yea, along with updated meshes to go with the reworked normal maps using proper PBR mats.
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