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  1. @icyhugs @ kreiste The hair and bandanna do make him look like Elc, but it's actually Biggs from FF7R. I also ported his shirt, but I didn't want to deal with the armpit weights.
  2. I used a modified version of NAT ENB along with ELFX for those screenshots. Character skin tends to look a bit too bright yellow outdoors for light skin tones. I've since switched to Rudy ENB and modified it to my own taste. The indoor lighting still needs some tweaking. I ported Biggs' outfit just for fun.
  3. SAM dynamically changes the normal map textures based on weight and Samson/Samuel morphs. SAM uses 11 different texture sets (default body has different textures for weight 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100 while Samson and Samuel have different textures for morphs at 25, 50, and 75). This format is replicated for both Argonians and Khajiits. Look at the original SAM textures for the exact filenames used. In comparision, SAM Light only uses a single texture set and is much easier to manage.
  4. @Bushwalker2 Make sure High Poly Head.esm is loaded before any NPC mod. Also, be sure to use the updated scripts for the 1.4 update. Try manually adding High Poly Head.esm as a master to your mod before running the script. The error you're getting is likely due to trying to reference a master that's loaded after your mod. I didn't put a check in the script for this case. @B4strdo The EFM support includes high poly morphs for my head, brows, beards, and scars that will look the same as the original EFM made for the vanilla head mesh. In other words, I converted them to high poly and made them compatible with my High Poly Head mod. The original EFM mod is required for the eye/mouth/beard morphs. @Leroyjunkins The vanilla female head morphs haven't changed since the v1.1 release. Support for EFM was added in v1.3, and if you opted to install that, then your existing presets may look dramatically different. Keep in mind that the EFM option also requires the original EFM mod (for the eye and mouth morphs). Eyes/mouth may pop out of the face without them due to mixing EFM morphs with vanilla morphs. Another layer of issue is if you're using an NPC replacer/overhaul mod that uses High Poly Head assets as a standalone. Some of them did not change the internal path for the assets and will overwrite the same files used by my mod.
  5. @lareri I don't quite understand what the problem is. @Matsuho It sounds like an issue of sculpt data left over from importing a preset. It's not clearing properly and ends up creating deformations as you adjust the sliders. @nobody29 @Oubliette Are any of you using NPC replacers/overhauls that use my High Poly Head assets? It has come to my attention that some of them were created as standalones, but the internal path for the assets wasn't changed. So they will overwrite the same files used by my mod. An example of this problem is if the NPC replacer/overhaul was created using vanilla morphs and the morphs were included, it will create morph issues when you install EFM support for High Poly Head. EFM eye morphs with vanilla head morphs will create the issue shown in your screenshots. This is an issue for the mod authors to fix, but you can get around it by not installing the high poly head assets included with their mods. All the morphs are already baked into the Facegen of each NPC during creation.
  6. @NadaShimada It's meant to be used on your own NPC mod .esp. The basic idea is to populate a custom .esp with NPC records and then use my scripts to filter them by supported races and auto swap vanilla head parts with my high poly versions. From there, it'll be ready for Facegen export in the CK. @Oubliette I've used that mod for the longest time and never had an issue with it. My High Poly Head mod does not include any eye mesh and was designed to support the vanilla eye shape. That mod only changes the eye shaders used, not the actual shape of the eye mesh.
  7. My base mod doesn't modify anything outside of RaceMenu. If you install the optional vampire fix, then that might conflict with another mod you're using that also modifies the vanilla vampire races.
  8. Simply unequip all armor before using RaceMenu.
  9. While working on the next update to my high poly head mod, I got sidetracked and ended up redoing my head textures. I used the EFM racial head morphs and baked some clean normal maps to use as a base while layering them with the vanilla normal maps (cleaned up in Photoshop) to keep the original vanilla look on NPC's. The skin pores look a bit rough under certain lighting and need some adjustments later.
  10. Bones used for physics calculations aren't really meant to be scaled. You're always at the mercy of the underlying physics, vertex weights, and animations. The ideal approach is to use custom morphs for the shape you want. It can be easily created in Outfit Studio, but getting them into the game is an entirely different issue.
  11. @ToastyToast13 Make sure you're using SAM-compatible armor. The best test is to always test without equipping any armor and see if the texture changes on the nude body. Also, make sure you're not using a custom race. I hardcoded the texture paths for the playable vanilla races only. SAM Morphs (Self) does not have a check for player race.
  12. @bokentekina Use the Google Drive mirror. It's the very first link in the downloads. People really need to stop posting 1 star reviews due to site issues. I've no control over that. @jessevjames89 Don't manually extract anything. Just use a mod manager to install the original .zip and follow the installer script.
  13. Load order doesn't matter since this mod does nothing by itself. However, if you use mods that require it, I recommend loading this mod after the vanilla masters and/or the unofficial Skyrim patch.
  14. From the CK wiki: I'm guessing that with it on, it'll try to apply a vampire head morph to the default head used by the NPC's race. This is often the vanilla head mesh for vanilla races. I've yet to do a full playthrough as a vampire to test this further.
  15. That's normal. The SAM body vertex weights don't match vanilla. So there will be some clipping during movement. One way to fix it is to open each armor in Outfit Studio and copy the weights over from the armor to the body parts. I've been meaning to do it for a future update.
  16. If the Bochu race is merely using the vanilla female head mesh, then it can be easily replaced. However, if it also uses a custom head shape, then some sculpting will be needed.
  17. Sometimes, modders would wipe the records for the vanilla morphs to prevent theft of head shapes since they're no longer used after creating Facegen data. If you try to re-export Facegen data for these NPC's, you'll end up with the default head mesh with only the racial morph applied. If a custom head sculpt is used, then re-exporting Facegen would result in a different head shape. In both cases, you'll have to use an outside program to manually sculpt the high poly head to match the sculpted head of each NPC. My scripts were meant only for NPC's that use vanilla morphs and assets. High Poly Head.esm will be added as a master and all supported vanilla head part records will be swapped for their high poly version. That error implies that the high poly male nord head record can't be mapped. The 09 is the load order detected for High Poly Head.esm. Make sure that it's higher in the load order than any NPC/follower mod. If you're using High Poly Head as a master along with my scripts, then no files need to be copied. Only the .tri morphs for facial animations will be used.
  18. @y_sengaku That makes sense then. Despite adamant recommendations by everyone, I don't use any mod manager and would prefer to manually install mods. Loose files included with mods are manually archived into their corresponding .bsa file. I do have MO2 around to test my own install scripts and mods with complicated branching options. @Lostamasta Head sliders were originally included, but I removed them before the initial release of the texture feature due to the head textures resetting back to default after awhile. I haven't taken the time to figure out a proper way to implement it, but it would be a nice feature in a future update. Currently, I can only focus on one mod at time or I won't get anything done.
  19. @Blitzer84 Test it without EFA and see if the expressions for the high poly head still work. If it does, then add EFA support and try again. If it's broken after that, then something went wrong with the installation like conflicting files. The EFA files for the high poly head are supposed to overwrite the vanilla expressions included with the loose files meant for Facegen creation. @chromsome The only thing that comes to mind is if you're installing the Expressive Facegen Morphs option and using it on an existing preset. The head may look dramatically different. I didn't alter any of the vanilla morphs. @Meji I'm glad you're enjoying the mod. 😄
  20. @Chimerae1992 NPC's don't strip when their morphs change. The texture feature is meant for SAM Light only (as per description). The genitals are located on the same texture as the body. SAM/SOS has them on a completely separate texture. I change the texture based on the internal name of the mesh. UV morphing is not in the current release. @Malnous As far as I'm aware, krieste's armor replacements all use my high poly SAM body meshes. They will look the same on any NPC that wears them. The difference is weight (and morphs like Samson/Samuel). If you simply want to use a different body texture than the default racial ones, then you'll have to create a custom player record and have it use a custom body with a different texture set as the default.
  21. @MrManMain You'll have to redo the sculpt. They're not transferable between the vanilla head and high poly head meshes without using an outside program. @I'm Dirty Dan The High Poly Head mod doesn't do anything on its own. The only hard requirement is Dawnguard, but I added an alternate .esm for people who don't have it. With that aside, the game should still launch even without RaceMenu. @steven21 I made sure the eye sockets on the high poly head mesh matches the vanilla head mesh to avoid any alignment issues with eye lashes. Make sure you're not switching from a preset that had sculpt data for the vanilla head. As for the vampire head issue, certain combat mods like Combat Gameplay Overhaul modify vampire races to fit the design the mod author had in mind. It's a simple check (and fix), but you'll have to use xEdit for it. Basically use xEdit to load all your plugins in your current load order to see if any of your active mods are conflicting with my vampire head fix. Simply remove the Overlay Head Part List flag from any conflicting vampire race records. Sacrosanct doesn't appear to modify any race.
  22. @y_sengaku I haven't extensively used the latest verison of RaceMenu SE to see what the problem is. Thanks for letting me know. @MattRed1996 That could just be UIExtensions not being designed for VR and skeeVR missing certain features as well.
  23. I've downloaded this mod ages ago. The textures are nice, but I just don't like the body shape and the fingers are a bit too feminine for my tastes. The assets are completely different and are not compatible with SAM. That's not to say that it's impossible to be used in some type of form. I tried out the hair meshes and they work fine in SE with HDT-SMP after converting the .nif files to SE format. They need to be reshaped for the vanilla head though.
  24. My Facegen data with 1k tintmasks is already at 5gb (compresses down to 1gb). I may upload a version of it for folks to use as a base once I finish converting the rest of the vanilla hair meshes to high poly.
  25. SAM (full version) is only for LE, not SE. I only support SAM Light for SE. SOS is a different mod with a completely different body mesh. They're not compatible. A hybrid setup is used at your own discretion. For SE, your ideal options are SAM Light and SAM Morphs for RaceMenu. SAM High Poly Conversion can be installed on top of that.
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