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  1. @bridges02 They're mostly interchangeable, but it only matters when the genitals are involved. For example, armor for SAM Light with no genitals shown will work fine on SAM, but if the genitals are shown, then they will not look right since the UV texture mapping is different for the genitals.
  2. Make sure you install the correct version for either LE or SE. Using the LE version on SE will cause the morphs to fail.
  3. @HeartAttackMan It's fine as long as it's only uploaded to this site. SAM has its own EULA, and I don't want people to confuse my permission for this mod to extend to SAM itself.
  4. Chest scaling should still be possible, but breast scaling is tied to weights that are only added by my HDT-BBB Bounce mod.
  5. @Almond Make sure you also install the high poly vanilla hair meshes that are included if you plan on using the vanilla hair with the high poly head meshes. Your screenshot suggests that you're still using the original vanilla hair mesh and it doesn't line up properly with the high poly head mesh.
  6. The Enable Scaling slider does nothing on its own. It needs to be toggled in RaceMenu because it activates a function I wrote that will do a series of skeleton scaling based on the current morph values of Samson and Samuel. This is necessary because BodyGen only does morphs, not skeleton scaling.
  7. @ace321 It works fine on SE. Only compression matters, but I intentionally used BC1/DXT1 which works for both LE and SE.
  8. @1234qweasz Make sure you have UIExtensions installed properly. @sentiao They shouldn't conflict unless XPMS is reseting all skeleton changes regardless of key used. I don't personally use it since it adds way too many things I don't need.
  9. The initial v1.0 release had a red tip, but people said it was too red. So, I reduced it for the current v1.1 release. For the next release, I color matched it with SAM's for something more consistent. The base skin tone still needs a bit of work.
  10. @niphael It's literally in the description of this mod along with the tools for it. @ShmooZ My mod is compatible with all vanilla-based eye meshes. The SUEMR eye meshes work fine. @thewinslow Use the vanilla "No Scar" option that's generally located at the center of the slider (due to sorting by internal names, my high poly scar meshes are listed first). It simply points to using no scar mesh.
  11. If the ECE eyebrows are using custom textures on the vanilla eyebrow mesh, then you can simply patch/duplicate the ECE .esp to have the eyebrows use the high poly eyebrow mesh from my mod instead. This applies to all eyebrows that are simply retextures of the vanilla eyebrow mesh.
  12. @ kreiste Yes, I've been slowly working on updating it for about a year now.
  13. After countless tweaking and starting from scratch, I finally got my skin textures looking the way I want them. I redid the ears, face, clavicles, neck muscles, and all skin pores. The rosy cheeks might make certain skin tones look like clowns (SPN taught me that we're all clowns 🤡).
  14. @krocoz I think RaceMenu already included them in the Head Shape preset slider (5 head shapes). They've already been converted for my mod. @ihavenoname1990 I've no experience using Vortex. My gues is that you'll have to install it from the zip file.
  15. They've never been available because I've yet to finish them. I began hand-painting the textures after someone expressed frustration with the Khajiit textures included with SAM not being fully compatible with.. SAM itself. Shortly after that, I started working on the high poly head mod and spent a lot of time on that instead. Since then, I've been slowly working on redoing the human textures whenever I get the inspiration for it. Once I'm satisfied with the results, I'll blend the normal maps with fur instead of skin pores to have different muscle options for Khajiit. These textures will be included in a future update to my SAM Light texture addon. These are screenshots I've already shown before/after blending fur to the normal maps.
  16. @jman510 It could just be a cache issue of RaceMenu. @fualone The high poly head meshes are only added to vanilla races. If you use a custom race, a patch is needed. @RadoGamer For custom head sculpt, you'll need to do manual conversion. Using Outfit Studio to sculpt the high poly head using the sculpted vanilla head mesh as reference seems to be the easiest way to go about it. For NPC's that aren't using sculpted head meshes, their head part records can simply be swapped for the high poly head and new Facegen can be exported from the CK. @Abik95 It seems like a clipping issue with the head mesh. There should be very minor clipping issues with the vanilla hair meshes, but if you use a preset that includes sculpt data, then the head shape may be affected. Also, the elven head is slimmer than the human head. The clipping will be very apparent when trying to use elven hair on a human head and vice versa.
  17. I don't really follow popular mod progress. So it could really be anything. Disable mods that alter races or add unique body meshes.
  18. @randosgud The conversion itself is not that difficult, but I would have to cross-reference which ECE morphs have already been ported to RaceMenu to avoid redundant work.
  19. @sentiao That falls outside the scope of this mod.
  20. All males share the same default naked body mesh. If argonians are the only ones that aren't affected by Samson/Samuel morphs, then you likely have a mod that is changing the default argonian body.
  21. @ShmooZ That pretty much sums up the process. Keep in mind that some NPC replacers/overhauls use custom head sculpt and will require manual conversion. @VortecL Make sure High Poly Head.esm is loaded before any mod that requires it. Due to load order detection issues, don't use the ESL flag on any mod you're trying to use the script on. They can be added back afterwards. To reduce any potential issues, only load High Poly Head.esm and the NPC mod you're trying to modify in xEdit (any required masters will auto load).
  22. That's how it's set in the vanilla game. The unofficial patch doesn't change it either.
  23. As mentioned elsewhere, make sure High Poly Head.esm isn't using the ESL flag. This will cause the script to fail due to wrong load order detection.
  24. Oh captain, my captain. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that 3DS Max has a tool to conform one object into another, essentially allowing me to shrinkwrap my high poly head mesh over Cap's head shape without having to learn Blender. Yes, I've been playing a lot of Marvel's Avengers lately.
  25. The Briar Heart body isn't included. Modifying the body to make it look like a heart had been torn out made me feel queasy at the time. I might finish it for a future update. I already remade the high poly genitals to fix a UV issue and made some other small changes, but they don't have enough weight to warrant another update just yet.
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