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  1. Hello very good afternoon first of all sorry for my English since it is google version, well I wanted to ask if anyone can create a nordic race with this texture or a way to add a character without altering everything in skyrim world .. ..http: //www.vectorplexus.com/index.php? / Files / file / 21-hard-bodies-for-sam-and-much-more / & page = 1 & tab = comments & _fromLogin = 1
  2. cra29

    Artwork and Hyper stuff!

    Hi, I would like to have access ... pless thanks
  3. Hello good evening sorry for my english I have a dudac there is some tutorial where you can make your follower use the mod sam since this segudor has a mesh of independent texture and a type of race custom .... I long ago saw a Tutorial in the torque room but no longer this if someone can explain to me how to do it would be very grateful.
  4. cra29

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Very good nights since nevezuela wanted to comment a problem with this version of SAM since when I install the latest version of race menu the characters of the game man begin to disappear but I can still hear their voices if someone can help me I would thank them